Respect. Now. Always. Education

Respect. Now. Always. Education

Education for prevention

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are against the law. There is zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment at Macquarie.

We're dedicated to educating students and staff about respectful relationships and communities, consent, sexual ethics, and how to take action in response to difficult situations. This helps to ensure that we can all operate, socialise, and grow in an environment free of the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Now is the time. Macquarie is the place.

Consent Matters!

Macquarie is implementing the Consent Matters online course. Consent Matters covers topics about communication and relationships, such as consent in sexual relationships, as well as how to take action if you witness something happening on campus.

NOTE: All undergraduate students at Macquarie are required to complete Consent Matters online via iLearn by the end of Session 1, 2019.

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