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Respect. Now. Always. Education

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Whole-of-university education

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are against the law. There is zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment at Macquarie.

We're dedicated to educating students and staff about respectful relationships and communities, consent, sexual ethics, and how to take action. This helps to ensure that we can all operate, socialise, and grow in an environment free of the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Now is the time. Macquarie is the place.

Respect. Now. Always. is on iLearn!

We now have a dedicated Respect. Now. Always. community site on iLearn. It's a central source of information, advice, and support for all members of our University community, with a specific focus on better understanding, preventing, and responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment. There's also a range of important and useful resources on consent and affirmative consent, respectful and healthy relationships, and where to go if support is needed.

Online education

We are implementing the Consent Matters online course. Consent Matters covers topics about communication and relationships, such as consent in sexual relationships, as well as how to take action if you witness something happening on campus.

All Macquarie students and staff can access and complete Consent Matters via iLearn - free of charge! Please read the Consent Matters iLearn Access Guide for more information.

Face-to-face education

These workshops provide opportunities for all Macquarie students to explore important topics such as respectful relationships, consent and affirmative consent, sexual ethics, and how to take positive action in situations that may involve sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. If you're interested in completing both workshops, Workshop #1 should be completed before Workshop #2.

Learn more about the workshops and register below!

1. Definitions and drivers

Duration3 hours (with a 15-minute break)

Workshop #1 (Definitions and drivers) focuses on the definitions and drivers of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and how consent and sex are interpreted through legal, social science, and community health perspectives. It also focuses on the importance of healthy and respectful relationships for all of us - irrespective of whether or not they're sexual in nature.

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, you'll learn and up-skill in:

  • Having confident conversations about the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and what kinds of things can contribute to these things happening in our society
  • Talking about and promoting healthy and respectful relationships - irrespective of whether or not those relationships are sexual in nature
  • Identifying, negotiating, affirming, and respecting consent when interacting with other people
Time and DateLocationRegistration

2. Impact and intervention

Duration3 hours (with a 15-minute break)
SummaryWorkshop #2 (Impact and intervention) focuses on the impact of sexual assault and sexual harassment on people and communities - including those that matter the most to each of us. Based on a developing understanding of this impact, Workshop #2 also focuses on important ways that we can all stand up and take action against sexual assault and sexual harassment. These include active bystander intervention, responding compassionately when someone discloses an experience of sexual assault or sexual harassment, and raising awareness among our own networks and communities.
Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, you'll learn and up-skill in:

  • Understanding and being able to confidently talk about the impact of sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Being an active bystander against sexual assault and sexual harassment - because even little actions can have a BIG impact
  • Responding appropriately and compassionately to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • How and where to refer people for support if it's needed
  • Generating practical ways to raise individual and community awareness about better preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment
Time and DateLocationRegistration

Who's doing all this education?

This education is led and implemented by Xuan Luu (Education Officer with the Respect. Now. Always. team). In Session 2, 2018, Xuan is joined by three Peer Educators recruited from the wider Macquarie student community.

You can get to know a bit more about everyone in the team below!

Meet the lead educator: Xuan

Xuan Luu's profile image

Xuan Luu says ...

"Hi! I'm Xuan (pronounced “swan”, like the bird).

I’m a public health professional and university academic with a background in psychology and mental health. Here at Macquarie, I lead the education dimensions of the Respect. Now. Always. project, and I also teach casually in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. I embed a strong commitment to public and community health, human rights, and social justice within my work.

I am dedicated to better preventing and responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment across our University community. My life has been significantly impacted by multiple kinds of violence, and I don’t want others to have to go through the same thing. Instead, I want to do all that I can to make sure our communities are healthier, safer, and more inclusive and respectful – so that a society underpinned by violence-supportive attitudes and behaviours becomes the extreme exception, rather than the norm.

Outside of work, I am an internationally competitive Irish dancer (surprising, right?), and I thoroughly any yoga pose that involves lying down for a long period of time.

If you would like to learn more about the workshops or about Macquarie's Respect. Now. Always. project more broadly, you're more than welcome to contact me via telephone on +61 2 9850 6849 or via e-mail at"

Meet the peer educators: Yas. Jas. Maanas.

Yasaman Rowshanbakhsh's profile photograph

Yasaman Rowshanbakhsh says ...

"I'm currently a third year student at Macquarie University studying a Bachelor of Psychology with the degree of Bachelor of Human Sciences.

The entire reason I'm studying my degree is so that I can one day open up a place that offers those who have experienced sexual violence, counselling plus legal and financial support.

I’m committed to helping better prevent and respond to sexual assault and sexual harassment across our university community because every single student and staff member deserves to feel safe and empowered with the best possible wellbeing.


Jasmine Phillips' profile photograph

Jasmine Phillips says ...

"I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) - a natural extension of my love of learning!

I hope to use my position as a teacher to work towards teaching about consent and respectful relationships in my classroom, my school, and my community. I would eventually love to see consent and respectful relationships embedded in the national curriculum for primary education.

My strong passion for intersectional feminism and social justice led me to begin volunteer work in sexual violence advocacy and awareness in my first year at Macquarie University. In my new role with Respect. Now. Always., I am committed to educating university staff and students about sexual violence prevention and response."

Maanas Kalasabail's Profile Photograph

Maanas Kalasabail says ...

"I’m a 2nd year student studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with the Bachelor of Human Sciences, majoring in Public Health. My future goals are to work in the mental health field and alongside marginalised groups, particularly with homeless youth in the LGBT+ community.

I’ve always endeavoured to give back to the community, volunteering with Sudanese refugees for the past 4 years and working as a Crisis Supporter at lifeline. I hope to work with RNA to help foster and facilitate a safer environment on campus where all students regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity or sexuality, feel valued and comfortable."

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