Age diversity

Age diversity

Investing in Experience Program

About Investing in Experience Program

Macquarie University's Investing in Experience Program is part of the Experience+ Corporate Champions federal government initiative, which supports employers who commit to moving towards best practice in the recruitment and retention of staff aged 45 years and over.

The Equity and Diversity Unit is working with Sageco consultancy, an industry expert in the area of mature age workforce strategies and solutions, to implement the Investing in Experience Program at Macquarie University.

The purpose of this program at Macquarie is to strengthen the University's positive age-management practices and demonstrate organisational leadership and commitment to best practice approach in recruitment and retention of staff aged 45 and over.

The project is underpinned by the principles of the Investing in Experience Employment Charter. The Charter was designed by the Australian Government to encourage recruitment and retention of mature age workers. In brief, the principles refer to the following areas:

  1. Understanding and use of workforce demographic data (including workforce composition data, as well as needs and expectations of workers aged 45 and over) for management and human resource decision making.
  2. Recruitment policies and procedures that are inclusive of applicants aged 45 and over.
  3. Provision of professional development opportunities for all workers regardless of age and encouragement of skills and knowledge transfer within the organisation.
  4. Positive work practices that contribute to the retention of experienced staff (e.g. flexible work).
  5. Transition to retirement support.
  6. Formal policies and procedures to prevent unlawful discrimination and ageism.
  7. Workplace health and safety strategies to promote a healthy and productive ageing workforce.
  8. Consultations with staff to inform the development and implementation of age management strategies.
  9. Promotion and sharing of best practice in relation to age management strategies.

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