Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

We embrace, enhance and celebrate diversity at all levels of the University and our community through the efforts of faculty, staff, students, the executive leadership and community partnerships. Macquarie University aspires to be a leader in promoting workplace equity, diversity and inclusion to reach the highest levels of excellence. We have a range of focus areas and programs and initiatives to engage, empower and support members of our community.

  • Take the Panel Pledge

    Staff can support the University's progress towards equity, diversity and inclusion by signing the Macquarie University Panel Pledge.

  • Disability and accessibility

    The University is committed to creating a workplace that is inclusive of people with disability or accessibility requirements.

  • Gender equity

    Our vision is to create a sustainable change for gender equality and to see gender equity consistently reflected in the fabric of the University.

  • Sexual and gender diversity

    We support sexual and gender diversity of our University community and build a safe and respectful work environment for all LGBTIQ employees.

  • Cultural diversity

    As a truly global University community, we are proud of our cultural diversity. We are committed to ensuring it remains an integral part of our workforce by creating an inclusive culture for all.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

    We value the vital, rich contributions of the Indigenous population. We strive to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to develop a culturally competent, cohesive workplace.

  • Age diversity

    At Macquarie University we recognise the diversity of skills and experiences that each staff member brings to our organisation and value the contributions of all staff regardless of age.

Regional and remote students

Getting Involved

Getting Help


Our programs and initiatives create opportunities to play a part in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.

We partner with our staff, students, the executive leadership and community to embrace, enhance and celebrate diversity at all levels of the University.

  • Ally Network

    Helping build an inclusive, safe and respectful University community for all LGBTIQ staff and students.

  • White Ribbon

    Providing training, support and resources to prevent and respond to violence against women.

  • Respect. Now. Always

    Improving our capacity to prevent and respond to sexual violence incidents involving Macquarie students and staff.

  • Racism. It stops with me

    Empowering our staff and students to be culturally aware and confident in addressing racism and racist behaviour.

  • Keep up with D&I

    Interested in what Diversity and Inclusion work is happening around campus? Check it out here

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