Living laboratory

Living laboratory


An arboretum is a collection of plants, and at Macquarie University our whole campus is included in our Arboretum.  Discover all the different aspects of our arboretum, from teaching and demonstration gardens, to self-guided walks and tours. 

Learn more about our Arboretum


Bushcare volunteers alongside professional regenerators have been working to restore native vegetation on campus since 2008.

Learn more about Bushcare at Macquarie

Bushland restoration

Endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest on Campus requires effort to be focused on regeneration and reducing the impact of weeds.

Learn more about bushland restoration

Lawn reclamation

This project involves Macquarie reclaiming a mown landscape, and returning it to a bushland recovery site using a variety of ecological restoration techniques.

Learn more about lawn reclamation

Mars Creek wetland

A rehabilitation project along the length of Mars Creek as it flows through campus uses innovative environmental management.

Learn more about the Mars Creek Rehabilitation Project

Permaculture demonstration garden 

Permaculture is an amalgamation of the words “Permanent Agriculture”. It combines landscape architecture with sustainable agriculture and ecological principles. Permaculture designs incorporate natural elements such as sun, landscape, wind, rainfall, and climate, with the aim of maximising benefits to people and planet.  

Learn more about our Permaculture demonstration garden

Scribbly Gum - generations

Sustainable landscape management encourages use of species local to an area. When we couldn't buy what we needed, we decided to grow our own.

Learn more about Scribbly Gum propagation

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