Global focus

Global focus

Healthcare is a universal need. Society requires doctors who can serve diverse communities, including multicultural communities in Australia. The Macquarie MD includes extended international clinical experiences for all students, recognising the need for future doctors to be globally engaged clinicians, and the significant benefits of these experiences: for the student, for health systems and for the health outcomes of local and global communities.

Culturally responsive doctors

When you study with us, you will:

  • Develop cultural responsiveness and resilience by immersing yourself in diverse environments and health systems – all within the supportive environment of our course, including the guidance of international clinicians who are committed to delivering a safe, quality-assured clinical experience to you
  • Learn how to be an effective, contributing member of a different health system
  • Broaden your knowledge by learning about clinical cases that may be rare in Australia
  • Learn in a quality-assured and supportive environment.

Comparative learning Apollo Hospital

Your comparative learning experience will help you understand how healthcare is delivered through the lens of different cultures and health systems. Most of all, you’ll be preparing yourself to be a doctor equipped to improve the health of our multicultural Australian community as well as the broader global community.

He already knew there were great doctors in India – what was missing was the right environment and infrastructure to help them thrive and succeed. So, he set about creating Apollo with the purpose of providing the right resources for India’s doctors.

We’re moving more and more towards a world without borders. Here at Apollo, we’re so much more than an Indian community, or even an Asian community; we’re a global community, and anything we can do which adds value to that, is important to us. For example, there’s currently a severe shortage of doctors and healthcare workers worldwide. We have the infrastructure and people to help deliver and create global doctors, so we’re always open to helping bridge that gap.

The benefits for the students are numerous. The disease profiles in India and Australia, for example, are completely different; the exposure the students will have at both Macquarie and Apollo will be very enriching. We treat more than half a million patients a year, giving opportunities to the students to experience such depth and breadth of clinical cases. On a non-medical front, the students will become better human beings for it – being exposed to the world and the range of cultures, customs, traditions will be enriching for them. And finally, the experience and enthusiasm of our faculty and staff is infectious. They are very excited to meet the students and we look forward to having them here.”

International experience in medicine has been an essential part of my career and progression as a doctor. The more the world globalises, the more value it will bring to future generations of doctors and to patient care."

The joy I get from that is perceptible – helping others and seeing their health improve, that's the precious gift that a doctor can give. I enjoy every moment of it. The encouragement Apollo provides to us, its doctors, to go out there and keep finding new and better ways to help our patients, is key to that. We work like a family, and treat our patients like family."

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