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Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD)

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About the Macquarie MD

The Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) is a new program embedded within an established University that has a culture of transformative learning, and within MQ Health – an academic health sciences centre that integrates patient-centred clinical care, teaching and research.

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MQ Health

MQ Health nurtures the life cycle of aspiring and developing doctors. Underpinned by its core purpose Heal. Learn. Discover., it provides a fertile ground for medical education, research and training, with the full ecosystem of students, doctors and health professionals of varying levels of experience being trained, taught and mentored by active clinicians.

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Global focus

Healthcare is a universal need. Society requires doctors who can serve diverse communities, including multicultural communities in Australia. The Macquarie MD includes extended international clinical experiences for all students, recognising the need for future doctors to be globally engaged clinicians, and the significant benefits of these experiences: for the student, for health systems and for the health outcomes of local and global communities.

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Distinctively different program

The Macquarie MD has been developed to be a dynamic, future-focused program that produces competent, professional graduates who put the patient at the centre of all they do while nurturing a passion for lifelong learning and fresh thinking about the challenging health issues of our time.

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Clinical placements

Clinical placements give you the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and enhance your practical skills. Embedded throughout the program are structured Australian and international clinical experiences that allow you to experience different health systems, cultures and clinical presentations.

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Program structure

Early years of the program integrate clinical, scientific, professional and cultural learning around cases, with patient-centred care central to all learning. Later years provide rich clinical learning opportunities with our Australian and international partners.

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Policies and compliance

The Macquarie MD is underpinned by a range of policies and procedures which students will need to be aware of.

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The Macquarie MD is designed for students with a high level of achievement in tertiary study, who engage in a variety of experiences and activities; have the interpersonal skills desirable in a medical student and doctor; and the resilience, commitment and desire to help improve the health of Australian and global communities.

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Fees and scholarships

Macquarie University is committed to making the Macquarie MD program accessible to students through a generous scholarship program.

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Key dates

The application process and associated dates vary for domestic and international students. Easy-to-follow admissions timelines have been provided to help you meet the relevant deadlines.

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Undergraduate pathways into medicine

Our innovative and fast-tracked Bachelor of Clinical Science is designed to be the ideal preparation for the Macquarie MD and other graduate-entry medicine programs. Choosing the Bachelor of Clinical Science as a pathway into the Macquarie MD has distinct benefits. For international students, a Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) program package is also available.

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Macquarie MD

The Macquarie MD

The Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) is a relatively new course having welcomed its first cohort of students in 2018. It is embedded within an established University that has a culture of transformative learning, and within MQ Health – an academic health sciences centre that integrates patient-centred clinical care, teaching and research.

We work to prepare our graduates for the predicted environments in which they will practice: as future leaders in healthcare, who are patient and safety focused, culturally responsive, globally aware and equipped to work within increasingly digital health systems.

The Macquarie MD:

  • Teaches students in an environment where learning is fully integrated with outstanding patient-centred clinical care and active health and medical research. This environment is MQ Health, Australia’s first university-led and operated teaching hospital and academic health sciences centre
  • Provides students with a quality-assured international education, which recognises the value of international study abroad for learners, society and the healthcare system.

It will graduate culturally responsive, engaged, globally aware medical professionals, who understand the health systems they work within; have respect for, and sensitivity towards, the cultural needs of diverse populations, including Australian Indigenous peoples; and are aware of the impact of their own culture and values on their medical practice.

Our course integrates four graduate capabilities – Scientist and Scholar, Clinical Practitioner, Engaged Global Citizen, and Professional. Across the course, the graduate capabilities aim to build within students the capacity to be ethical and reflective practitioners who are aware of public health and systems and are socially and culturally versatile; team workers who are patient-centered and safety-focused and are effective personal and digital communicators. The Macquarie MD also builds the capacity for graduates to become scholars,  research-informed practitioners and applied medical scientists.

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The Doctor of Medicine is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and approved by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).


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  • Global focus

    Global Focus

    You will spend a significant portion of your clinical training in international settings

  • Course

    Course Structure

    Four-year extended masters program with distinct focus each year

  • MQ health

    MQ Health

    MQ Health brings together world-class clinical care, teaching and research

  • Distinctively different

    Distinctively different

    Experience the innovative, high-quality, student-centred learning experience

  • Policies and compliance

    Policies and compliance

    Take a look at our policies and compliance before you apply

  • Admissions


    Find out about the application processes and admissions policies

Internships begin after graduation from the course. On satisfactory completion of an internship with an approved hospital, graduates are eligible for registration to practice in Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, internships are provided and mainly managed by state health departments. Universities do not have control over, and are not responsible for organising, any internship or medical registration of students following their graduation.

Current NSW Health Policy is to guarantee internship positions to all Australian citizen graduates of NSW medical schools. Internships are currently funded for a proportion of international graduates through the Junior Doctor Training Program Private Hospital Stream.

  • For information on Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) internships, visit
  • For details on the Junior Doctor Training Program Private Hospital Stream provided by the Department of Health, visit

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