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Information for Prospective Students

Department of Psychology Community

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Professional and Community Engagement (PACE)

Macquarie’s Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) units take undergraduate students out of the lecture theatre and place them in the heart of their chosen degrees. We also offer practical work experience opportunities to students who are pursuing their postgraduate studies in clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology and organisational psychology.

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Undergraduate Programs

Course Finder

Please follow this link for information about undergraduate psychology programs at Macquarie University.

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Honours in Psychology

An honours program gives you the freedom to explore a research topic outside the constraints of a normal unit of study. As an honours graduate you stand out, not only having achieved academic excellence, but also demonstrating the organisational skills and commitment necessary to take a research project through to successful completion.


Research Training Pathways

Macquarie is renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary research and our first-class facilities. When you undertake our Higher Degree research training programs, you will have the opportunity to contribute to independent research leading to Masters and PhD degrees. For general information regarding research training at Macquarie University, click here.

Master of Research (MRes) in Psychology (Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research)

Macquarie University is the first Australian university to offer a two-year research training pathway program designed to provide you with advanced knowledge and skills to carry forward into a PhD in Australia or internationally.

Contact: Associate Professor Simon Boag (

Higher Degree Research in Psychology (PhD & MPhil)

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Contact: Associate Professor Kevin Brooks (

Combined Research and Coursework Degrees

The combined masters/PhD in either Clinical, Clinical Neuropsychology or Organisational Psychology provides training in both doctoral level research and professional psychological practice. There is no direct admission to the combined masters/PhD degree. Candidates first require admission to the relevant master’s program. After the completion of one semester in the master’s program, candidates are invited to submit an expression of interest to the combined masters/PhD, provided they meet all of the following criteria:

Admission Requirements
  1. First Class Honours or MRES assessed at least 75, and
  2. Admission to a masters’ program with a distinction average (minimum score of 80 average) or 4 distinction grades across all 4 core 1st year semester 1 units, and
  3. The Honours thesis requires a special equivalence examination by two external examiners as per the MRES guidelines to certify that the honours thesis would normally be awarded a distinction (75) or higher.

Once confirmed that the honours thesis meets requirements, the applicant will be invited to apply for both a scholarship and admission to the masters/PhD in their discipline.

Once admitted to the masters/PhD it is not possible for a candidate to exit only with the Master’s degree.

The Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Human Sciences offers three combined degree programs:

  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Organisational Psychology
Length of candidature: Four years full time

All the degrees are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and approved by the relevant colleges. It is anticipated that part-time teaching will be available to students enrolled in this program.

Information for Current Students

Department of Psychology Community

The Department of Psychology's online learning environment (iLearn) enables learning, teaching, communication and collaboration online. Login to iLearn here.

Engage with fellow psychology students by joining MacqPsych (the official Psychology Society) and following the official Psychology Society Facebook page (@MacqPsych).

Visit the Department's official Facebook and Twitter sites for information on psychology news and events in Australia and abroad.

Student Support Services and Facilities

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Unit Guides

To access the current Department of Psychology unit guides, click here.

General Course Enquiries

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Psychology Test Library

The Psychology Department test library is a vital resource for Psychology Department staff and students, and a significant amount of funding is set aside by the Department on an annual basis to ensure that the holdings are up-to-date and extensive. Library resources are used to teach psychological assessment to all levels of students: postgraduates; and undergraduates. Library resources are also used by professional Masters students on placement, and for research purposes by Masters and research students and staff. Test Library materials are for the sole use of registered borrowers only and must not be lent or used by a third party under any circumstances.

Where Is the Psychology Test Library located?

It is located in the Department of Psychology building: 4 First Walk, Macquarie University, NSW 2019. Click here for the campus map. There are three staff members involved in the administration of the Test Library are Dr Gina Hammond, Sabrina Iglesias and Jo Simpson.

Contact details for the Test Library are:

Telephone:  9850 1802


Who Can Use the Psychology Test Library?
  • Members of the Macquarie Psychology Department staff
  • Enrolled Macquarie Psychology postgraduate students
  • Enrolled Macquarie Psychology honours students
  • Honorary associates of the Macquarie Psychology Department
  • Enrolled Macquarie Psychology undergraduate students may use the library, but may not borrow tests
Normal Test Library Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm

The Test Library is not accessible for borrowing or returning items outside of these hours. For unforeseen changes to the hours of operation, check

Items Available For Borrowing

There is a comprehensive test library database which can be searched for the range of tests, books, theses and other items. The test library has two computers which can be used for this purpose.

Staff and Students from the Department may self-enrol to the Test Library Community iLearn Page, where lists of holdings can be accessed online. Please email ( the library to request access details. Test Library Holdings Include:

  • Psychological tests
  • Books (primarily related to psychometrics and research methods)
  • Student theses (Honours, Doctor of Philosophy, and Masters)
  • DVDs and videos

For more information on what is available at the Test Library visit: Please note that you will be required to use your OneID to login to this site.

Test Material For Research Purposes
  • There are copyright restrictions on the majority of tests held in the library. This means that photocopying record forms/answer sheets etc is NOT permitted. Students who need to administer a test for a research project, and therefore require the use of multiple copies of protocol/record forms etc, will need to purchase these forms. In many cases, Test Library Staff will arrange the purchase of these forms, but test library funding does not cover such purchases. Start by speaking to your Supervisor about this, and note that postgraduate students may be able to apply for an Award to cover the cost of test materials.
  • If you require a particular test for your research that is not held in the Test Library, speak to Test Library Staff. If it is a test that could be used by several people in the Department, it may be possible for it to be purchased from test library funds.
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