HDR Alumnus Profile: Qandeel Hussain

HDR Alumnus Profile: Qandeel Hussain

Qandeel Hussain

Qandeel Hussain is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, Canada. In our sixth feature on former HDR students, he writes about his work in phonetics, and how he appreciated the opportunity to interact with researchers from multiple disciplines at Macquarie.

I was awarded an Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship by the Australian Government and commenced my PhD at MQ in 2012. My dissertation investigated the phonetic aspects of Punjabi, an indigenous language of Pakistan. During my PhD, I also participated in several international linguistics summer schools around the world. I received the Susan Kaldor Scholarship from the Australian Linguistic Society to attend the LSA2013 summer school, University of Michigan, USA.

During my time at MQ I had the opportunity to interact with researchers from all around the world who were working on diverse languages. The strength of the Linguistics program at MQ is its interdisciplinarity where linguists collaborate with audiologists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, and philosophers. I am grateful to my supervisors (Katherine Demuth, Michael Proctor, and Mark Harvey) and members of the Child Language Lab for their never-ending help and support.

I use different acoustic and articulatory methods to document the consonants and vowels of a wide range of under-described Dravidian, Indo-Iranian, Japonic, and Sino-Tibetan languages. In the last year of my PhD, I and Jeff Mielke wrote a successful US National Science Foundation Documenting Endangered Languages grant to document the phonetic and phonological aspects of Kalasha, an endangered Indo-Aryan (Dardic) language spoken by less than 5000 speakers in Chitral, Northern Pakistan. I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar (2017-2020) and was based at the North Carolina State University, Raleigh. We investigated the development of rhotic vowels in Kalasha by using cutting-edge instrumental phonetic tools such as ultrasound-imaging, oral-nasal airflow, and electroglottography. The findings of our project were recently published in the special issue of Journal of the Acoustical Society of America: Phonetics of Under-documented Languages and Language Documentation and Description, and presented at various venues (Acoustical Society of America, Annual Meeting on Phonology, and Laboratory Phonology).

I recently received a Faculty of Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Award and moved to the University of Toronto, Canada. My current project investigates the sociophonetic variation in the speech of South Asian communities in Toronto.

Webpage: https://sites.google.com/students.mq.edu.au/qandeelhussain/home

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