Honorary clinical academic appointments

Honorary clinical academic appointments

Macquarie University’s vision of using learning and discovery to benefit patients is reflected in the Hospital motto ‘Heal, Learn, Discover’. Clinicians who are passionate about teaching, supervision and research are vital to this. Appointment as an Honorary Clinical Academic with Macquarie University’s Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences reflects commitment to this vision and is a necessary first step.

Honorary clinical academic titles

  • Clinical Professor (Level E)
  • Clinical Associate Professor (Level D)
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer (Level C)
  • Clinical Lecturer (Level B)
  • Clinical Associate Lecturer (Level A)

Clinical titles are intended for medical and allied health professionals who contribute to teaching and/or research in addition to their clinical activities.

The term of appointment is up to five years and can be renewed. Promotion can be considered at the end of each term.

Appointments are considered by the Honorary Clinical Academic Committee and approved by the Executive Dean.

Privileges and expectations

    The honorary clinical academic title holder will enjoy the privileges due to academic staff of the University. For the term of their title, the clinical academic will have:

    • Use of the honorary clinical academic title specified in their Invitation Letter;
    • A university identification card and number (known as OneID), Macquarie University email account, Microsoft Office 2016 software and access to the University’s WiFi, VPN and Wiki;
    • Access to Macquarie University Library resources, including remote access to the online collection;
    • Access to on-campus parking on payment of prescribed fees;
    • Access to University facilities with a campus card;
    • The teaching, research and other opportunities of a vibrant University.

Honorary Clinical Academics are expected to voluntarily contribute at least 30 hours per year to academic activities that might include teaching, research, Macquarie University Clinical Discipline development or a combination of these.

Current honorary clinical academic appointments

The names of active honorary clinical academics can be found on the Department of Clinical Medicine Our People webpage.

Applying for an honorary clinical academic appointment

1. Determine an appropriate level and confirm support

Please discuss the most appropriate level of appointment with your Clinical Program or Clinical Discipline Head. Please refer to the Guidelines for Honorary Clinical Academic Appointments levels and visit the list of program and discipline heads in the section below.

Please note that special procedures apply for Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Professor applications. These higher-level appointments require greater engagement from the Discipline and Program heads and are considered case by case in detail.

2. Complete the online application form

Please complete the online application form.

Please attach:

The online process has five major sections but only three are required to determine a level. Please do complete each section even if it's to make it 'not applicable'.

You can start the application and return to it at a later time.  It does not have to be completed in one sitting.

3. Review by Honorary Clinical Academic Appointment Committee

Your online application is then reviewed at the next Honorary Clinical Academic Appointment Committee meeting.

Successful applications are forwarded to the Executive Dean who sends a letter of offer.

4. Processing by Human Resources

You will sign the letter of offer and return it to the Faculty Liaison Officer so that Macquarie University Human Resources can process the appointment and create a record in the University's Human Resources Information System.

5. Completed

The Faculty Liaison Officer will notify you once the process is complete and then help you obtain the campus card and organise your Macquarie email.

Clinical program and discipline heads


Clinical discipline

Clinical Program Head: Vacant

Associate Professor Graham Gumley

Hand Surgery & Therapy

Associate Professor Jim Sullivan

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Associate Professor Fred Joshua


                        Professor Munjed Al Muderis                              Limb Reconstruction

Clinical Program Head: Vacant

Professor Howard Gurney

Medical Oncology

Dr Chelsie O'Connor

Radiation Oncology

Clinical Program Head:  Professor Alvin Ing

Associate Professor Martin Ng


Professor Michael Wilson

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Professor Matthew Peters


Dr Walid Mohabbat

Vascular Medicine and Surgery

Clinical Program Head: Professor Michael Parr

Dr Deidre Sun and Dr Izreen Iqbal (Acting)


Professor Michael Parr

Intensive Care

Dr Andrew Patterson

Acute Pain

Clinical Program Head: Professor Marcus Stoodley

Professor Richard Harvey

ENT and Head & Neck Surgery

Professor Dominic Rowe


Professor Greg Savage


Dr John Fuller


Professor Stuart Graham


Clinical Program Head: Professor Simon Willcock

Associate Professor Andrew Hirschhorn

Allied Health

Associate Professor Bernard Champion


Associate Professor Kevin Ho-Shon

Medical Imaging

Professor Simon Willcock

Primary Care

Clinical Program Head: Associate Professor Anil Keshava

Professor Rupert Leong


Dr Sameer Aziz Mihrshahi

General and Upper GIT Surgery

Professor Anand Deva

Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial Surgery

Professor David Gillatt

Urology and Gynaecology

Associate Professor Anil Keshava

Colorectal Surgery


When an appointment is nearing the end of its term, the clinical academic is notified and, at the discretion of the University, may be offered a renewal of their title subject to a performance review and other considerations.

This is the appropriate time to apply for promotion.

Applying for a promotion

Please complete the application form.

Please attach:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Cover letter is optional but will be carefully considered in addition to the required fields.

The next steps of the process are identical to your original appointment application.

The support of your Clinical Program and Discipline Head is required and this is a good opportunity to review your contribution to date and determine future involvement. Please review the criteria for promotion.

Honorary Clinical Academic Appointment Committee

Professor John Cartmill

Associate Professor Bernard Champion
Committee Member

Professor Tony Eyers
Committee Member

Professor Stuart Graham
Committee Member

Associate Professor Graham Gumley
Committee Member

Professor Matthew Peters
Committee Member

Professor Ray Sacks
Committee Member

Ms Angela Stark
Committee Member

Associate Professor Anne Wajon
Committee Member

Associate Professor Fredrick Joshua
Committee Member

Mrs Vidya Lawton
Committee Member

Contact us

For further information or questions please contact:

Shanna O'Connor
Department Assistant, Clinical Medicine
E: Shanna.oconnor@mq.edu.au


Collette Tosen
Department Administrator, Clinical Medicine
E: Collette.Tosen@mq.edu.au

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