About the faculty

About the faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences. We are a Faculty on the move with a bold ambition to create educational and research programs with a difference. We aim to serve our community, but our outlook is global.

Please explore the Faculty pages to learn more about the exciting opportunities and future we are building for medicine, health sciences and human sciences at Macquarie University.

Meet the faculty leadership team. Image by  Chris Stacey
Professor Patrick McNeil, Executive Dean & Deputy Vice-Chancellor Medicine and Health
Professor Cath Dean, Deputy Dean & Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Professor Roger Chung, Associate Dean, Research
Professor Mark Connor,  Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research
Dr Welly Firmanto, Faculty General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, MQ Health
Dr Kyle Ratinac, Associate Faculty General Manager & Faculty Research Manager
Dr Brenton Hamdorf, Director, Academic and Research Partnerships
Ms Hayley Harris, Director, Educational Services
Professor Helen Rizos, Head of Department, Biomedical Sciences
Professor Vincent Lam, Head of Department, Clinical Medicine
Professor Genevieve McArthur, Head of Department, Cognitive Science
Associate Professor Verity Pacey, Head of Department, Health Professions
Professor Janaki Amin, Head of Department, Health Systems and Population
Professor Jan-Louis Kruger, Head of Department, Linguistics
Professor Erik Reichle, Head of Department, Psychology
Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Director of Australian Institute of Health Innovation
Associate Professor Rosemary Giuriato, Head of Department, Chiropractic
Partner and engage with us. Image by Jesse Taylor

Various partnership and engagement opportunities exist, including:

  • Sponsorship – events, functions, guest speakers, education support, scholarships.
  • Research – collaborative research, fellowships, PhD scholarships, formation of centres of excellence, participation on other ongoing projects including cooperative research centre (CRC) grants.
  • PACE / Student Placements – internships, recruitment, work experience, mentorship.
  • Donations (see below) – philanthropic gifts, cash donations, equipment, data, bequests, support for specific activities and body donations (see below).

To discuss becoming a MQ Health Partner, please contact:

Dr Brenton Hamdorf
Director, Academic & Research Partnerships
T: +61 2 9850 2877
E: brenton.hamdorf@mq.edu.au


Donations play an important role in supporting the research and teaching endeavours of the faculty. Learn more about our philanthropy.

Body donation program

Learn more about our body donation program.

MQ Health

It will bring together the excellent work of medical and allied health researchers across the University and around the country, with unparalleled access to the world-leading clinical resources and research facilities found only on our campus.

Learn more about the collaborative health sciences centre at Macquarie University.

We are searching for experienced clinical academic leaders who are interested in pursuing new paradigms in medical learning and teaching. You’ll have medical qualifications, be registered to undertake clinical practice in Australia and hold recognised Australian college speciality qualifications. Find out more about clinical academics.

Macquarie University Hospital is Australia’s first and only private, not-for-profit teaching hospital on a university campus. Visit the Macquarie University Hospital website.

Clinical programs

In order to adapt to the changing and often complex needs of our patients, now and into the future MQ Health has developed a clinical program structure with the patient and carer’s needs top of mind. This involves the organisation of our clinical services, research and teaching programs around complex disease processes rather than traditional clinical speciality based models. Our structure is created with the aim of embedding a coordinated and integrated team-based approach to care across the continuum of prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management and support underpinned by the latest evidence and research. Our seven Clinical Programs and their leaders are as follows:

Clinical Program Clinical Program Head
Bone and Joint TBA
Cancer Professor Richard Kefford
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Professor Alvin Ing
Critical Care and Anaesthetics Professor Michael Parr
Neurosciences Professor Marcus Stoodley
Primary Care, Wellbeing and Diagnostics Professor Simon Willcock
Surgery and Gastrointestinal Associate Professor Anil Keshava
Honorary clinical appointments. Image by Joanne Stephan

Appointment as an Honorary Clinical Academic with Macquarie University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences reflects commitment to this vision and is a necessary first step.

For more information please visit: Honorary Clinical Academic Appointments

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