Clinical Education building

Clinical Education building

Clinical Education building

Macquarie University will start pre-construction works in mid-March 2019 on a new Clinical Education building for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that will sit between the Macquarie University Hospital and 75 Talavera Road and take approximately 12 months to complete, with an estimated completion date of early 2020.

The four-level, 3,400m2, timber building will be surrounded by large, landscaped and paved areas connecting pedestrians to Wally’s Walk on the west side and Innovation Road to the east.

Designed by Architectus*, the contemporary teaching and learning building will house state-of-the-art lecture theatres and team-based learning areas for future medicine and health sciences students at Macquarie. This project will support the rapidly expanding requirements and popularity of courses offered by this Faculty.

Adopting the same approach taken for the Incubator building, materials for the Clinical Teaching building will be largely pre-fabricated and environmentally sustainable to complement the modern design that will feature an abundant glass exterior to allow maximum light into the narrow site. The use of pre-fabricated panels reduces overall on-site construction time and resources.

*Also designed the Macquarie University Incubator building.


Key dates:

Carpark/driveway access:

  • From 18 March - 4 Research Park Drive - basement parking access will be only via Research Park Drive
  • From 11 March - 75 Talavera Road frontage -  parking behind the boom gate will no longer be available
  • Hospital Loading Dock - driveway will remain open however the address of the loading dock will not be described as intersecting with Innovation Road.
  • 75 Talavera Road (rear) -  no change

Site area

Access and use of the construction area required several trees to be removed. The activity has been approved by Council and replanting will take place as part of the project.

Traffic Management and signs

Traffic management personnel are be on campus for the construction period, during work hours. Pedestrian redirection signs with map have been placed in key traffic areas to help people understand where they need to walk.

Innovation Road

Innovation Road has been permanently re-routed to intersect with Research Park Drive at the new location.


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