LEAP - Advancement via Individual Determination

LEAP - Advancement via Individual Determination

LEAP - AVID is a university readiness program that not only prepares students from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress to higher education, but through its program design ensures that students have a greater chance of success once they enrol. AVID has been running in the USA for over 30 years with impressive results, and is now being implemented in a number of Australian schools.

AVIDMacquarie University has a primary objective to support our partner schools from Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College - Tumbi Umbi, Berkeley Vale and The Entrance campuses -  in their implementation of the AVID system.

This is done through campus visits, which aim to "de-mystify" university for high school students involved in the program, and also through the provision of tutors for regular collaborative learning sessions in schools. In addition, LEAP-AVID gives assistance for teachers to attend national training programs and conferences to ensure school staff are confident in all aspects of AVID implementation.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous comments such as those below.  

"I'm not so sure if I wanted to (go to university), but now seeing what people do and the advantages, it's really got me thinking."- Year 9 student from Tuggerah Lakes after a campus visit

"The students definitely developed their critical thinking skills, towards the end of the year their questions were becoming quite sophisticated and were higher order. Students were beginning to ask themselves evaluation questions that explored concepts rather than facts." - Macquarie University tutor

"All 56 students were 'average students' at the start of 2012. When going in to graded classes for 2013 approximately 35 students have made it in to the top classes for at least four of their subjects, with many more making top classes for at least two. 12 students are equal to or higher than the highest achieving students in the school." - Teacher, Tumbi Umbi Campus, Tuggerah Lakes

For information on AVID - USA go to website home page - http://www.avid.org/

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