Everyone Belongs

Everyone Belongs

Everyone Belongs

What makes us the MQ Community?

The Widening Participation team is engaging in a new initiative that will help us stay connected during these unusual times of s  o  c  i  a  l      d   i   s   t   a    n    c    i    n    g   and [({  self isolation  })].

Our team of PACE students will lead this project and help us connect with people from all across the MQ campus community. Together we look forward to building connection, engagement and a better understanding of what makes us as individuals feel a sense of belonging, and how this looks and means from different perspectives.

By better understanding what makes us feel a sense of belonging to and with our learning community, we’ll be able to do little and big things in meaningful ways, to make the circle bigger for everyone to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging!

Our individual well-being is intimately connected both with that of all others and with the environment within which we live

Dalai Lama

What's Involved

To participate in Everyone Belongs, please click the following link to access a survey that will include 10 questions on belonging. These are written reply questions which should take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

Questions regarding your consent to participate are also included following the survey questions.

And we also ask that you please drop a selfie into the link. But if you don’t want to submit a selfie – that’s ok – but please share a photo of something special to you that conveys your take of what belonging means/feels like!

Survey Link Image V2

Your survey replies and selfies will be compiled by our students to create a catalogue of the MQ learning community and everyone’s diverse perspectives on what it means to belong. This project has been inspired by the well-known (and excellent) Humans of New York project. Hence the need for a selfie.

The fruits of this project will be shared online as a sustainable and reflective snapshot of MQ’s learning community during S1 2020 and hopefully make us all feel we are all in this together!


If you have any queries about this initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact Carolina:
carolina.morison@mq.edu.au or 9850 7398

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