Macquarie University students in top 10 CySCA

Macquarie University students in top 10 CySCA

Macquarie University students in top 10 CySCA

CySCA is a pentesting competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent.

Starting in 2012, CySCA is the chance for students to experience working in cyber security and get their names in front of some of Australia’s most dynamic employers. CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It runs over 24-hours and tests both participants’ technical skills and communication know-how. 

This year, the CySCA competition took place on May 10th and 11th, where more than 70 teams from across Australian higher education providers participated to solve challenging issues in cyber security. Macquarie University best performing team finished in tenth place. All of our four teams finished in the top 32. Congratulations to all our students for this great achievement. 

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Macquarie team that finished first and in the top 10 nation-wide of the CySCA 2017

Looking forward, we want to compete every year and will start a training program for all Macquarie students who are interested in session 2 of 2017. Stay tuned!

For more information on the competition, please view CySCA official website.


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