Indonesian Delegation Event

Indonesian Delegation Event

Indonesian Delegation Event

The Hub held an exciting event hosting a delegation of Indonesian officials visiting Sydney recently. As part of a cyber-capacity building program, the delegation were in Australia to learn from and engage with Australian experts in cyber security.

The Hub had the pleasure of hosting an important Indonesian delegation jointly organised with DFAT and ANU - thank you Anne Taylor and  Catherine Bridges respectively!

It was a very successful and enjoyable program with an introduction to the Hub by A/Prof Christophe Doche and presentations by Prof Mark Wiggins, Dr Hassan Asghar and Dr Tiffany Jones on cyber security's human factor, privacy preserving technologies and election interference / fake news.

The official delegation from Indonesia visited Australia as part of the Cyber Capability Engagement Program (CCEP), a cyber-capacity building activity involving training and engagement where information learned here will be taken back to Indonesia. We were rewarded with a very enthusiastic and interactive delegation during the event and look forward to continuing our collaboration with our Indonesian colleagues in this important area of cyber security.

Very saddened by the recent news of disaster, our thoughts are with our Indonesian neighbours.

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