Hack Mac 2017

Hack Mac 2017

Hack Mac 2017

Macquarie University IT in conjunction with the Optus Macquarie Cyber Security Hub ran a student hacking competition Hack Mac 2017 on Thursday October 12th.

Macquarie University Information Security Manager instructing students in the Hack Mac 2017

A select group of undergraduate students went head-to-head in an attempt to penetrate the University’s own perimeter defences from a contained external network, competing to win a trip to AusCERT
2018. Hack Mac 2017 aims to increase awareness of cyber security issues and provide our budding security specialists with rare real-world experience. To make the competition a bit more interesting a
number of ‘Honeypots’ were placed around the network as opportunities for additional points.

The event was closely monitored by Jeremy Koster, Macquarie University Information Security Manager and supported by Macquarie University cyber security lectures.
From a tightly controlled environment specifically created for this event, all participants were digitally and physically monitored for the length of the competition and bound by a strict set of
conditions to ensure the security and safety of University data.

The University has extensive protection measures to ensure that staff and student data remains safe. As typical in the industry, the University regularly commissions similar activities to be performed
by trusted third parties to test the Universities external defences.


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