Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises (28 Feb 2017)

Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises (28 Feb 2017)

Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises (28 Feb 2017)

On 28th February 2017, the City of Ryde held Back to Business Seminar - Kick start your business for 2017 where small and medium business owners and operators connected. Leslie Bell, an adjunct lecturer of Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub made a presentation on: Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Les Bell, Cyber Security Hub
Les Bell, adjunct lecturer at Department of Computing, Macquarie University

Les Bell is a member of the Cyber Security Hub, academic and cyber security consultant. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional with the Information Systems Security Architecture Professional concentration, Les teaches a prep course for the CISSP exam, both in public and for clients like Westpac, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

Les has worked in advertising, publishing, sales and market research and provided advice to many small businesses (as well as running two himself). His research interests include computational trust for intelligent agents utilising Bayesian learning and the theory of stochastic games, quantitative risk analysis and software security.

In his talk, Les discussed the prevalence of cyber-crime in Australia and ten basic tasks a business can do to protect their assets:

1.Schedule offline and offsite backups of your data
2.Perform proactive system patching
3.Harden your systems - disable Flash, Java in the browser, etc.
4.Deploy two-factor authentication on your critical accounts
5.Disable Microsoft Office macros
6.Restrict administrative privileges
7.Secure your wireless network
8.Run a security education and awareness program for your staff
9.Implement mobile device management and encrypted filesystems
10.Verify security posture of your external service providers
For more details, please see Les’ presentation slides on Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises PDF, 2150.37 KB.


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