Company founder: David Dinh

Wovenon - David Dinh

The Woveon technology was used to create the architecture behind the digital concierge for a major Australian retail bank with a large presence in the personal, business and wealth banking sector. The project scope involved over 500 of their branches and impacted over millions of customers spread across multiple states. As a proof of concept, this started the birth of our entry into financial services.

Our technology formed the backbone for financial planning and wealth management conversations to be aggregated, stitched and analysed at scale to generate millions of dollars of untapped revenue and operational efficiencies. Woveon helped prioritise on-going conversations, investment opportunities and financial best practice for customers and display a complete customer record. Since starting in Sydney in 2016, Woveon has gone on to continue engineering and funding in the US with an office in NYC.

Contact details

Email: david.dinh@woveon.com
Website: https://www.woveon.com/

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