Tom Ryan Group

Tom Ryan Group

The Tom Ryan Group was founded on 28 June 2017 - Tom Ryan's 18th birthday. The group represents a portfolio made up of multiple startups, small businesses and companies, which Tom Ryan has either founded, held a managing role or currently leads.

Within The Tom Ryan Group, we present a diversified range of startups and companies n industries including: advisory services, management consulting, training and development, marketing, fashion, hospitality and travel, visual arts, and sports and fitness. In addition to ventures across these industries, the Group works closely with Governments and local communities to assist young entrepreneurs and community organisations. In September 2017, we launched TR Youth which specifically connects young entrepreneurs with leading industry advisers. This initiative, launched by Tom Ryan personally, seeks to voluntarily assist young people with their ambitions to take a stand and start a business.

Tom Ryan launched his first business - 'Tom Ryan Photography' - when he was 14 years old and ever since then he has founded multiple startups, and joined a number of companies, to extend his various passions into the business environment.

The Tom Ryan Group is built on the foundations of Encouragement, Integrity and Respect, because we believe that all great achievements are derived from building a strong foundation which guides our decisions as a company, and we instil these decisions right across our organisations. 
Our vision is to help young people take a stand for themselves in the world.

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