Sofiri Pty Ltd

Sofiri Pty Ltd

Company founder: George Hernandez


Sofiri supports aspiring international students, education providers, agents and counsellors to achieve their international education goals, easier and faster as it combines the efficiency and accessibility of sophisticated technology, with the personal care and expertise of humans to ultimately help aspiring students achieve their plans to study internationally.

We work with education experts proficient in more than 30 languages, located in more than 15 countries who have undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet mandatory requirements, which guarantees that aspiring students will have a highly satisfactory counselling and application process.

Additionally, our software is enabling education providers and agents to automate their instant messaging communications by professionally managing thousands of queries a day via web or instant messaging apps by using bots, and thus qualifying, responding automatically and distributing students to the correct channels and individuals, so that counsellors can focus on what they do the best: to offer high-quality service.

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