Proxima Services Pty Ltd

Proxima Services Pty Ltd

Company founders: Bernard Orenstein and Oliver Chalk

Promima Capital

Our purpose is "to enable financial inclusion to improve lives". We do this by bridging the liquidity between traditional, larger financial markets with smaller, regional markets. Our thesis is that the lives of the less privileged (unbanked or under-banked) in our world can be radically improved by giving them easier access to financial markets. Many on-the-ground financial inclusion projects have had great success including:
Microfinance loans -
Direct giving -
M-Pesa -

Through Macquarie University's Global Leadership Program, we work with students to research, seek out and collaborate with on-the-ground projects to afford them access to more competitively priced local financial markets which in turn can help them innovate and reduce costs to offer even better solutions to their end-clients.

We are headquartered in Sydney with software development and operations centred at our office in Manila. Initially we specialise in building and operating algorithms that provide liquidity to digital asset markets globally. Longer term we aim to bridge all financial markets. And we aim to do all this on a for-profit basis, believing that being for-profit means that we don't have to compete for charity funds and therefore have a more sustainable business model. We ultimately aim for win:win:win by improving lives whilst simultaneously rewarding our staff and shareholders.

Finally our values are Courage, Trust and Truth Seeking, Please get in contact with us to find out more!

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