Company founder: Hong Qiao

Lexxe - Hong Qiao

Lexxe Pty Ltd was founded by Dr. Hong Liang Qiao in Sydney on Nov. 11, 2005.

Lexxe has been engaged in research and development work in next generation search engine.  Natural Language Processing is the key technology Lexxe applied in search.  It has experienced Question Answering, Semantic Key and Sentiment search technologies over the past decade.

Lexxe has developed a full-fledged search engine through its own effort.  It now features its key technology - Sentiment search (patent pending), which delivers sentiment scores for all keyword searches from millions of websites. The so-called sentiment scores are computed through a keyword’s context, using grammatical and semantic methods.  In other words, all keywords are affected by instances of related words in sentences, in terms of positive and negative sentiments they express.

Altogether, they form an aggregation of sentiments, which reflect the public’s opinion about the keyword.  Anything could be a keyword to Lexxe, be it a brand, product, service, person, organization, concept, etc.  In short, sentiment search judges everyone and everything, instantly.  Sentiment information from millions of web pages on the Internet will be helpful for our judgments in everyday life.  It will become an inseparable part of search and decision making, big or small.

Contact details

Email: hong.qiao@lexxe.com

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