Global Ledgers

Global Ledgers

As a Shared Ledger Database distributed ledgers allows multiple different parties to securely interact with the same universal source of truth. Built on open source software such as Linux Foundation Open Ledger and OS libraries like Boost, Jenkins and Graphene  it empowers people to take control of their own finances and investments. Distributed Ledgers are like "operating systems" that allow any number of applications to take advantage of their many useful attributes.

Like the Music industry previously and Movie or Newspaper industries today the internet is disrupting traditional business models and we believe Finance is next. Banks give you 2.5% interest on your money and charge huge fees for financial services like loans and remittance. We believe that distributed ledgers will empower a new worldview where you can decide where and in what fashion your money should be stored, invested or lent. In the future you could trade any digitisable asset including real estate title, Intellectual property, Fiat currency, Gold, Silver and Shares.

Distributed Ledgers can be used for multiple record types, your Health records or to empower supply chain technologies.


New products/markets, streamlined settlement, improved liquidity, increased transparency.

Supply chain

Track parts and service provenance, ensure authenticity of goods, block counterfeits, reduce conflicts.


Unite disparate health processes, increase data access and reliability, reduce costs and improve patient experience and outcomes. Access and control your own medical records.

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