Generous and Grateful

Generous and Grateful

People around us are sleeping on the floor in their own homes. Survivors of Trauma and Tragedy are trying to start their lives over but can’t afford or organise transport for the big, heavy, key things we all need at home. The Generous and the Grateful are helping to reduce the risk of homelessness in the simplest of ways.

The team at The Generous and the Grateful (GG) connect kind donations of great preloved items with vulnerable people, because when you can get a good night’s sleep, keep food safe in a fridge and wear clean clothes to school, work or interviews, then you have a much better chance of rebuilding your life.


Share kindness with vulnerable people so they know they are connected to a supportive community, to the benefit of all.


  • Supply the basic household needs of trauma survivors, so they can turn their energies towards building a brighter future.
  • Encourage people to further support vulnerable members of the community and understand they CAN do something to help, no matter how small.
  • Reduce the risk of homelessness, self-harm, addiction and return to danger.
  • Reduce the workload of caseworker and aid agencies so they may focus on greater priorities.
  • Reduce unnecessary landfill.
  • At current capacity for every $10,000 we are able to provide essential items for 81 homes in approximately 3 months.
  • In a year we have redirected 784 items from landfill

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