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The Dr Egg Adventures immersive trans-media story-world invites users to explore genetic engineering, science themes and ethics through the eyes of three inventive kid-heroes with special powers. Users can participate via interactive play featuring problem-solving adventures, quests and games. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

With four exciting worlds to explore, three imaginative teenage inventors to meet, a cool doctor to invent creatures with and an evil science corporation to battle, The Dr Egg Adventures are jam packed with entertainment, thrills, lurking dangers and fun interactive experiences for children 7 and over.


  • An exciting interactive story-world: The Dr Egg Adventures series of fantastical scientific adventure stories forms the basis of a range of innovative trans-media products.
  • A distinctive aesthetic style: Integrating a highly distinctive aesthetic style, the interactive story worlduses illustration, animation, puppetry, video and a rich soundscape to immerse the audience, entice the imagination and encourage participation.
  • Trans-media potential:  As children and users seek to take their experiences off-line, this story world has the potential to be incorporated into an animated TV series with Augmented Reality (AR) tags, stand alone games, mobile cross-platform Apps, published books and graphic novels, as well as a range of toys and models.
  • Educational potential: The Dr Egg Adventures features genetic science themes and introduces ethical decision-making, creating a strong educational focus aligning with the Science, Maths, History, and English curriculum years 3 to 8.


Currently our team includes writer Catherine Fargher, trans-media producer Danielle Wiessner, script editor/writer Gina Roncoli, Game ProducerNikolai Goundry and concept artists and modellers Jemima Gulliver and Jennyfer Ong,  game developers Ravindra Naidoo and Peter Liang (Hero Video Games) and designers Slade Smith and Tom Coady. Interns and Dr Egg Digital associates include Christopher HoJames Page, Crimson Moyle, Bec Lerve, Chevonne Seeto. With a team ready to go, we are excited about creating this truly innovative transmedia story world.


The Dr Egg Adventures is initially based on Catherine Fargher’s AWGIE award winning script for the theatrical productionDr Egg and the Man with No Ear.

Theatre Production / Press & Awards: Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear premiered at the Sydney Opera House, and Melbourne Performing Arts Centre, before going onto a two-month sell-out season at Chicago’s Redmoon Theatre, where it was nominated for 4 Jeff Awards and received rave reviews. Itwas later selected for the OHIO IPAY (International Youth Performing Arts) showcase, and toured Canada and the Yukon in October 2010-11

The theatre production has been called:

  • “A strange, melancholy, beautifully staged piece of theatre for young people.” — West Australian
  • There’s nothing in the city’s mainstream-performance scene with which to compare it. Inducing the kind of double-takes reserved for Pixar movies.” —Chris Piatt, Time Out Chicago
  • “Matters [such as stem cells, DNA, cloning and genetics] are probed... this show has more polish than anything I’ve seen in years.” —Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
  • “Playwright Catherine Fargher’s script acts as a canvas to the creative conceptualisation that is nothing short of amazing. This world-class collaboration achieves a breathtaking spectacle with poignant connective substance.” —Chicago Stage Review
  • Dr. Egg is edgy, a teensy bit morbid, a tad disturbing, highly humorous and one of the standouts, with the slightly sinister narrator of Catherine Fargher's sophisticated and comic script. You find yourself sitting tall and bending forward in anticipation.” —Montreal Gazette Review

Products in development: The Literature and Inter-Arts boards of the Australia Council have funded the development of the interactive story and media assets for the project.

The products currently in development are:

  • hard copy publication.
  • An accessible and engaging interactive storybook as part of Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory game.
  • An online interactive educational laboratory

Further products at pre-production or pitching stage are:

The “Dr Egg Adventures” TV episodes with augmented reality interactivity.

Stand alone games for mobile, tablet, desktop and Oculus rift VR wearables.

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