Student Success Strategic Framework

Student Success Strategic Framework

In November 2018, our ‘Student Success Strategic Framework’ was introduced to the University community at an all-staff Town Hall event. The Framework was encapsulated in a University green paper (see below) which was then shared with all staff to provide their comments, ideas and feedback. This valuable input has contributed to the development of our Student Success Strategic Framework.

The Student Success Strategic Framework brings together a number of student-centred streams of work within the DVC-A portfolio and aims to provide leadership and coordination for the University as a whole, around our unified approach towards helping our students succeed.

It speaks to our unrelenting focus not just on academic success, but to our long-standing commitment towards supporting and empowering students to realise their individual potential through professional networks, authentic experiences and our nurturing community.


This framework explicitly defines Macquarie as a higher education institution
that exists because of, and for, the success of our students.

YOU play an integral role in Student Success

As we know, taking action is one of the most important steps to making change – on a small or large scale – and as a member of Macquarie staff, you can begin today!

You’re encouraged to take some time to read the framework and understand the principles, elements and thinking behind our shared approach. Many of our staff members are reading/reviewing it in their team meetings, weekly WIPs or in small groups.

Implementation of the framework also requires a bottom-up approach to ensure there is ownership, commitment and a strong voice for all Macquarie community members. As we know, taking action is one of the most important steps to making change – on a small or large scale. Action towards achieving our student success goals can begin today. Here are three actions to get you started.

Principles Guiding Student Success

The following principles reflect our shared purpose and commitment to student success here at Macquarie.

  • Education transforms lives by providing a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, experiences and opportunities to participate in meaningful and satisfying careers and lives.
  • A growth mindset - fosters motivation, creative thinking, personal resilience and a willingness to take on challenges; it is essential to realising potential.
  • Student-centred design thinking - drives the development of our programs and plans
    for engagement, impact and investment. It is based on a deep understanding of student challenges and needs, as well as a responsiveness to their feedback. It guides the review of student experiences with the aim of achieving balance between personalisation, scalability, extensibility, sustainability and effectiveness.
  • Strong and supportive communities are built on belonging and connectedness, inclusion and respect for diversity, positive relationships, collaboration, shared experiences and benefits, and sustainability.
  • Co-creation is an active partnership and collaboration between students, staff and industry partners that enhances the experiential learning community; generates creative, dynamic and sustainable solutions; and promotes a positive institutional, future-oriented culture.

Green Paper - 2018

An all-staff town hall “Student Success @ Macquarie” was held in November 2018, where our whole-of-University approach towards helping our students to succeed was shared with Macquarie staff. This approach was encapsulated in a Student Success Strategic Framework – University Green Paper and circulated to all staff for comments, ideas and feedback. The below information relates to the 2018 all-staff town hall and Green Paper

No matter where each of us work, we all play a part in student success and your input is vital. So, even if you couldn’t make it to the Town Hall, we ask that you still review the Green Paper and tell us what you think. It may be useful to listen to the audio recording (Echo360) of the all staff event or for a less detailed overview, you might like to watch a short (4 minute) video message outlining the main themes. The Green Paper, feedback form, audio recording and video message can all be found below.

Green Paper - Student Success Strategic Framework

All Staff Town Hall: 12 November (60 minutes, Echo360 audio recording)

Your questions from the Student Success Town Hall answered

Video message (Key themes, 4 minutes, includes closed captions)

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