Physician referrals

Physician referrals

Why refer your patients for a clinical trial?

  • Your patient will get access to new agents or devices that are not otherwise available in Australia.
  • Clinical Trials are also good for Australia. They reduce the cost of health care to the public since the care is paid for by the sponsors who are usually international pharmaceutical companies. Clinical Trials are a foreign source of income for the Australian economy, over and above the supply of the study agent.
  • Patients on clinical trials get enhanced care due to the additional staff who care for your patient and because of closer monitoring of their condition.
  • Patients on clinical trials live longer regardless of the therapy they receive.
  • Clinical Trials enhance the care of all patients in an institution, not just those on the trial. The ‘ripple effect’ of having a clinical trials unit leads to better trained medical and nursing staff and improved standards throughout the organisation.

“A hospital with a thriving clinical trials unit is a cutting-edge hospital with the best international-standard of care”

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