Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology


A Message from the Head of Department

In light of the ongoing difficulties being caused by the COVID-19 virus, my colleagues and I in the Department of Psychology would like to take the opportunity to provide a brief word of personal reassurance to you, our students. Although this is clearly a challenging time for everyone, it’s important that we keep our wits about us and continue taking those actions that are necessary to ensure that we remain safe and continue our daily lives to be the fullest extent possible.

With those ends in mind, our department will be changing how we will be delivering our courses, moving towards online delivery of all of our units and proactively taking steps to ensure that, when the situation returns to normal, you will be able to resume your on-campus studies as seamlessly as possible. But until that happens, it is important to remain safe. This means taking personal responsibility to comply with all government and university health policies (e.g., social distancing). And perhaps most importantly, this means remembering that we are all experiencing this crisis together.

So please remember that, although it is important to take steps to physically distance ourselves from each other, there are many ways to remain socially engaged, and that it is imperative to do so.  Indeed, staying connected is vital for maintaining our well-being during and getting through this crisis will minimal disruption to our lives.

- Professor Erik Reichle

The Department of Psychology at Macquarie University is at the forefront of excellence in research, teaching, and community engagement. It is ranked in the top 100 worldwide and 5th highest in Australia, according to the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Our world-class research covers areas as diverse as emotional health, human development and healthy relations, wellbeing, expertise, perception, and computational modelling. Our students learn cutting-edge developments from leading experts in the field, and our multi award-winning PACE program provides a unique hands-on learning experience for enhancing employability.

We also offer leading Australian specialist programs for careers in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Organisational Psychology, and Professional Psychology. As leaders in community engagement, we deliver a variety of public services, including our world-renown Centres for Emotional Health and for Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training, our Cool Kids program and eCentreClinics.

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