Chapter 4 exercises

Chapter 4 exercises

Felicity Cox

Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Exercise 4B

a. strength g. Kojak
b. crease h. shutter
c. walk i. boxing
d. flashing j. mystery
e. knees k. illusion
f. those l. music

Exercise 4C

a. sculpt g. yellow
b. twelve h. yacht
c. golf i. canyon
d. ladle j. junior
e. loyal k. million
f. follow l. music
a. cheap g. giant
b. furniture h. lodge
c. poach i. agent
d. watches j. page
e. cello k. jam
f. natural l. angel
a. potato g. growth
b. taxi h. thirsty
c. walked i. both
d. letter j. think
e. crept k. pithy
f. train l. birthday
a. tax g. anxious
b. best h. national
c. sword i. special
d. phonetics j. sugar
e. perhaps k. machine
f. whistle l. ship
a. whole g. smooth
b. haughty h. this
c. behold i. mother
d. hopeful j. teethe
e. rehash k. either
f. help l. though
a. casual g. tomorrow
b. beige h. trick
c. fusion i. already
d. pleasure j. rapid
e. occasion k. hurry
f. usual l. scrape

Exercise 4D

a. heel g. vowel
b. pride h. beacon
c. anger i. butter
d. wash j. hijack
e. note k. cushion
f. naughty l. watches

Exercise 4E

a. eat g. catch
b. bead h. unravel
c. mean i. canteen
d. city j. hand
e. evil k. banish
f. ski l. cabbage
a. foolish g. door
b. rude h. autumn
c. view i. hall
d. shoe j. saw
e. ooze k. explore
f. tomb l. shore
a. hood g. crow
b. pull h. home
c. woman i. know
d. push j. only
e. should k. Snowwhite
f. pudding l. phone
a. round g. certain
b. hour h. girl
c. allow i. earth
d. pout j. rehearse
e. howl k. further
f. foul l. worm
a. path g. well
b. Arthur h. bread
c. alarm i. tennis
d. farther j. many
e. sergeant k. treasure
f. palm l. friend
a. women g. other
b. hymn h. jumped
c. busy i. does
d. lift j. hull
e. ninja k. nothing
f. plastic l. scrunched

Exercise 4F

a. condemn f. commute
b. buttoning g. adjust
c. gallop h. guitar
d. adapt i. spider
e. kazoo j. delete

Exercise 4G

1.    2.   
a. talcum a. cobra
b. umbrellas b. serrated
c. opal c. rhapsody
d. Amelia d. broker
e. panda e. tomorrow
f. Alan f. limber
g. today g. collision
h. delta h. polar
i. gossip i. grammer
j. corrosion j. lapel
3.    4.   
a. amid a. abound
b. boxes b. syrup
c. arrive c. probable
d. suffocate d. bushes
e. roses e. Europe
f. rushes f. begin
g. bishop g. Asia
h. atone h. alpha
i. alias i. support
j. computer j. photographer

Exercise 4H

1.    2.   
a. avert a. tighten
b. raven b. target
c. prefer c. cemetary
d. pattern d. mallet
e. deserve e. harness
f. approach f. anchor
g. apart g. eaten
h. locket h. farther
i. iron i. agent
j. exit j. scamper
k flower k waiver
l master l rapid
3.    4.   
a. anger a. pasta
b. thinner b. carrot
c. conductor c. habit
d. rider d. compute
e. Saturn e. parrot
f. pastor f. rabid
g. abbot g. ferret
h. furthest h. report
i. merit i. today
j. suggest j. describe
k rabbit k amount
l prejudice l enough

Exercise 4I

1.    2.   
a. orthodox a. cauliflower
b. earthly b. predicament
c. greenhouse c. anonymous
d. Adelaide d. alfalfa
e. miniscule e. museum
f. procrastinate f. paranoia
g. generalise g. bazooka
h. iodine h. macaroni
i. Halloween i. manufacture
j. anaemia j. kangaroo
3.    4.   
a. balcony a. cantaloupe
b. conspicuous b. hacker
c. amphibian c. elaborate
d. opportune d. accelerate
e. mercenary e. epidemic
f. souvenir f. alien
g. aquarium g. accuser
h. masquerade h. serenade
i. tangerine i. mascara
j. armadillo j. liberate
5.    6.   
a. alibi a. cafe
b. absent b. consume
c. cemetary c. absentee
d. adapt d. clarinet
e. bassinet e. dandelion
f. athletic f. deactivate
g. paragraph g. disagree
h. circumstances h. disapproval
i. bikini i. discourteous
j. bombard j. earthy
7.    8.   
a. equaliser a. happily
b. evaporate b. helicopter
c. exterior c. hurricane
d. feminine d. incoherent
e. lemonade e. neighbour
f. forecast f. insulate
g. missionary g. liberation
h. gallop h. nectarine
i. giant i. malfunction
j. guitar j. feminism
9.    10.   
a. martini a. steamer
b. mispronounce b. porcelain
c. mighty c. porcupine
d. rainbow d. potassium
e. obtain e. strengthen
f. obedient f. preferably
g. optimism g. proclaim
h. caution h. sarcastic
i. peninsula i. prolong
j. recording j. qualify
11.    12.   
a. salamander a. advertise
b. subdivide b. highway
c. abundant c. Australia
d. rodeo d. underwear
e. sterile e. tiger
f. condescending f. victorious
g. vegemite g. avian
h. spider h. canine
i. unclean i. gallery
j. trombone j. undercurrent

Exercise 4J

1.    2.   
a. vigil a. chicken
b. angle b. sudden
c. horrible c. bevel
d. cousin d. hackle
e. alum e. readable
f. subtle f. often
g. brazen g. carol
h. trample h. hassle
i. nasal i. dabble
j dapple j. pebble
k. Athol k. petal
3.    4.   
a. gravel a. raffle
b. battle b. coffin
c. pestle c. axle
d. ethyl d. Sweden
e. Neville e. poison
f. special f. solemn
g. jaffle g. lotion
h. Ethan h. Willem
i. pedal i. phantom
j. cabin j. ankle
k. fathom k. bottom

Exercise 4K

a. They were hoping to see his band play last night.
b. Her dog is white with some black spots.
c. Karen walked away from the open window.
d. Christmas carols remind me of my childhood in the country.
e. That vase looks just like Aladdin’s lamp.

Exercise 4L

a. I saw him chasing her round the yard.
b. Now is the time for all of us to get down to studying.
c. Whenever I eat dinner our Alsatian dog begs for food.
d. Over at the park Nancy saw a man in a yellow and grey overcoat.
e. Mum bought the raw ingredients for mince pies.

Exercise 4M

1.    2.   
a. smitten a. precipitate
b. fanatical b. photographic
c. accommodation c. unbroken
d. satin d. lighthouse
e. cattle e. billion
f. cotton f. carbuncle
g. outshine g. constellation
3.    4.   
a. detrimental a. certainty
b. coronation b. methodical
c. diabetes c. obsession
d. outdoors d. unbelievable
e. influenza e. escalator
f. tomato f. alligator
g. anatomy g. caterpillar

Exercise 4N

a. Lisa and Kim loved to ski in Italy.
b. Prince Harry opened their art exhibition while the audience cheered.
c. We’ll eat most of her cake tonight.
d. Those buttons always come undone.
e. Have you seen those guys riding their paddleboards out in the ocean?

Exercise 4O

a. At Christmas time our family tradition is to play cricket in the backyard.
b. Amelia’s holiday in Venice was certainly exciting.
c. We found bright green handmade soap at the markets.
d. My last job was to collect shells.
e. They erected a wooden plaque to commemorate Tom’s victory.
f. I saw him exactly six months ago today.
g. Would you be annoyed if I watched Tracey and not Karen?
h. You might get a cold if you’re not careful.
i. Caroline was convinced that this shack was haunted.
j. The postman was bitten by the old black dog next door.

Exercise 4P

a) Diagnostic Sentences

a. The children were busy building bridges and pretty women solved mysteries near damaged eucalypts.
b. These city people eat eel while police seize debris from the fields.
c. Her pen friend said she met many leopards leisurely headed west for better weather.

The millionaire didn’t care that his scared  heir was wary of prayer.


Jan’s cat scratched my hand while attacking dancing Atlantic salmon.

f. In a bizarre heart-stopping farce, father laughed as the guard’s car started down the path after Aunt Marge.

The couple lunched with their son  under the floodlights at the front of the punt.

h. On John’s yacht we scoffed hot sausages and watched the seagulls quarrel and cough.

The court order warned that  we all ought to obey the law and walk out the door  before we’re caught.


Should the courier wolf down  the full pudding the good woman cooked?


Two news crews who queued for food got beautiful fruit on Tuesday.

l. Colonel Byrne turned a perfect first sojourn into the worst journey on Earth.

The foreign composers, Beryl and Michael,  promised to write another thoroughly awesome anthem about the mountains.

n. Waiting for the ballet matinee they tasted champagne and ate steak in a cafe.
o. The island choir might guide us in style through a night of fine dining.

Roy’s lawyer was buoyed by  the boiled oyster.


Clowns ploughing the ground  are now outlawed in our town.


Joe sews old coats and knows a bowl of cocoa soothes the soul.

s. The weird bearded seer heard cheering near the pier.

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