Acoustic analysis of sound

Acoustic analysis of sound

Acoustic Analysis of Sound

Robert Mannell

This topic is divided into two sub-topics and each topic has its own lecture slides and the web resources. Click on each of the two links below (i.e. click on each of the two sub-headings "a" and "b") to see each topic:-

a) Analog and Digital Sound

  1. Signals
  2. Analog and Digital
  3. Transduction
  4. Digitisation: Sampling and Quantisation
  5. Windowing

b) Spectral Analysis of Sound

  1. Complex Waves and Line Spectra
  2. Fourier Transforms
  3. Linear Prediction Analysis
  4. Filtering
  5. Two Dimensional Spectra: Frequency and Intensity
  6. Spectrograms: Time, Frequency and Intensity

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