Research Seminar Series 2020 - Ilana Mushin on 'Whither Evidentiality'

Research Seminar Series 2020 - Ilana Mushin on 'Whither Evidentiality'

Day and Time: 15th May, 3pm

Live Zoom link:

Presenter: Associate Professor Ilana Mushin
Reader in Linguistics
President, Australian Linguistic Society

Title: Whither Evidentiality?

In this talk I consider how the recent ‘epistemic turn’ in Conversation Analysis (e.g. Heritage 2012) is deepening our understanding of the ways in which language is utilised as a resource for knowledge management, and the utility of knowledge management for achieving broader social goals. This in turn is leading us to consider lexicalised and grammaticalised expressions of knowledge more robustly in terms of their social embeddedness. Drawing on a range of data from different languages, I show how some of the classic issues in the study the ‘linguistic coding of epistemology’ (Chafe & Nichols 1986), such as the typology of evidential categories, and the relationships between evidentiality and epistemic modality may be recast through the lens of knowledge management as a key driver of social interaction.

Chafe, Wallace & Johanna Nichols (eds) 1986. Evidentiality: The linguistic coding of epistemology. New York: Academic Press

Heritage, John 2012. The epistemic engine: Action formation, sequence organisation and territories of knowledge. Research on Language and Social Interaction 45: 30-52.

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