Lectures in Linguistic Diversity: "Translation of forensic audio recordings"

Lectures in Linguistic Diversity: "Translation of forensic audio recordings"

The Lectures in Linguistic Diversity Series for Term 2 will kick off next Tuesday, August 13, in AHH 1.602, with a lecture by A/Prof Helen Fraser, University of New England, “Translation of forensic audio recordings”

Abstract: Linguists with a background in intercultural communication often have strong concerns about social justice. For some, these concerns draw them to topics related to language in the law. Examples include: ensuring witnesses from linguistically diverse backgrounds get a fair hearing in court, or that language tests used to determine the origin of asylum seekers are valid and applied fairly, or that suspects understand their right to remain silent during a police interview. This presentation looks at a related but significantly different task that those who know multiple languages are increasingly asked to engage in: transcription and translation of audio recordings used as evidence in criminal trials. Using examples from real cases, Dr Fraser will outline how forensic recordings are used in court, describe some problems that can arise, and introduce the solutions currently being recommended by Australian forensic linguists. For an (optional) introduction to some of the issues, please visit forensictrancription.com.au

This term, our series includes not only lectures by international experts but also a conference, workshops and a book launch. With these events, we will be celebrating 10 years of Language on the Move! Please make sure to join us throughout the semester, as we mark our first 10 years of innovative research, dissemination and fun related to intercultural communication, language learning and multilingualism in the context of globalization and migration.

Full details of the program are available here.

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