The year in review

The year in review

The year in review: 2017 highlights from the Head of Department

2017 has been a very successful year for Linguistics, reflecting the commitment of all members of the department and the support teams around it.

On the teaching front, some of the highlights for the year include:

  • Dr Anita Szakay received an Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Vice Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching awards.
  • Linguistics received a number of formal and informal learning and teaching grants, allowing us to develop projects for the flipping of the Audiology curriculum, for the training of live subtitlers (respeakers), and for the creation of guidelines for inclusive design of web material.
  • Linguistics had 10 promotion applications in the recent round, and received 10 successful promotions out of 24 in the full faculty.
  • Speech Pathology was fully accredited for another five years by Speech Pathology Australia.
  • Translation and Interpreting had all their programs endorsed by NAATI and will continue to renew the program to make sure that we remain the top Translation and Interpreting program in the country.

Our HDR successes puts us firmly at the top in the faculty. Three of our HDR students received research excellence awards at the full faculty meeting, and one of our students received the VC’s medal at the recent graduation ceremony. Dr Cassi Liardet launched the Linguistics Research Scholar Program in July, and early indications are that it is a great success.

In research we had a tremendously successful year.

The Audiology and Hearing team had a particularly good year with a number of exciting developments on the horizon:

At the end of year function on 15 December, we said goodbye to three of our longest-serving members of staff.  Sue Spinks, who has been a pillar in the department for many years will retire in February, Jean Brick already retired in July, but is still active in the department, and Dr Heather Jackson left Macquarie to work on a large project with Sydney Metro City.

end of year party 

At the year-end party: (front left to right) Dr Phil Chappell, Dr Maria Herke, Dr Heather Jackson, Sue Spinks, (back left to right) Dr Leidy Castro-Meneses, Associate Professor Ilija Casule.

Thank you to every academic and professional member of staff for all your hard work in 2017. May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas break, and may 2018 bring everything you hope it will bring.

Associate Professor Jan-Louis Kruger (Head of Department)

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