Endorsement of Macquarie ELT qualifications by NEAS

Endorsement of Macquarie ELT qualifications by NEAS

Left to right: Patrick Pheasant (CEO, NEAS), Phil Chappell (Deputy Head, Linguistics), Lynda Yates (Honorary Professor, Linguistics), Denise Taylor (Chair, NEAS Board)

The Department of Linguistics is one of the pilot entities partaking in the new NEAS Endorsement process for providers of English Language Teaching (ELT) Qualifications, with the following qualifications being endorsed: For teachers - Graduate Certificate in TESOL, For Academic Managers and teachers - Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

The process involved interviews with key stakeholders in the program, focus group interviews with students and academic staff, and a thorough quality audit of our policies, processes and curriculum documents. The outcome was an overall commendation of the program, with three particular areas of excellence:

  • Quality Principle II.2.1: Teaching staff have knowledge of contemporary developments in TESOL.

"Academic staff are committed and active contributors to the research fields for the units that they teach.”

  • Quality Principle II.3: The TESOL programme includes a suitable practical component.

"The practical component, offered in APPL922 as part of the Graduate Certificate and Masters program is of a very high quality. The Convener is committed to ensuring a well-organised and well-supported practical experience for all students. Students present in the focus group who were about to commence their practicums felt well-informed, prepared, supported and cared for.”

  • Quality Principle II.7.1: Individual student needs are identified and appropriate access to educational and support services is provided.

"All staff were confident in the current system and their responsibilities regarding the identification, referral and reporting of student wellbeing matters.”

Macquarie University’s Department of Linguistics is pleased to confirm that its postgraduate professional programs are all quality endorsed or accredited, which is testament to the department’s excellence in research-enriched learning and teaching.

Credit to Peter Roger, Janice Ford and Phil Chappell for seeking out this opportunity and ensuring the excellent outcome.

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