'Beyond the paper' podcast

'Beyond the paper' podcast

In 2018, Dr Nick Wilson organised the recording of 11 interviews for the Beyond the Paper podcast, in which students conduct an informal interview with researchers about a published paper. You can check out the episodes available at: https://soundcloud.com/beyond_the_paper (see also the Engage with us page for a permanent link).They are also available to subscribe to on Spotify and iTunes, and this year the aim is for a fortnightly release schedule.

So far, there are episodes on speech, academic communication, interpreting, and sociolinguistics.

Using the recordings in teaching

The idea is that staff can embed the interviews in iLearn, if they want to include a particular interview as an extension to recommended reading in any unit(s), or as the focus for some class activities. The episodes can also be inserted into Leganto. If anyone does use them in their units, let Nick know what you do, so that he can track how they are used.

Taking part

If you’d like to be interviewed about a paper you’ve written, then please let Nick know as he’s currently putting together the schedule for 2019. The recordings are on Tuesdays in Room 549, 12 Second Way. Sessions last no more than one hour.  If you want to participate, all you need to provide is a couple of preferred dates, and a paper you’d like to talk about. If you supervise a PhD student who would benefit from talking about their research, and has a publication (can be In Press), then please suggest this to them. For an example of this, listen to Liv Gerber’s interview, which is actually the most listened-to episode to date.

This year Beyond the Paper is expanding to do some interviews with researchers from other departments, but the aim is to continue to record Linguistics episodes as well. Once an episode is finished, it’s released online and marketed via Twitter, so it will get exposure beyond the university. You can thus consider this as communicating your research to a wider (non-academic) audience, as well as a form of research-enriched teaching.

Contact Nick at: nick.wilson@mq.edu.au

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