Associate Professor Felicity Cox wins ARC Future Fellowship

Associate Professor Felicity Cox wins ARC Future Fellowship

In the recent ARC Future Fellowship round, Associate Professor Felicity Cox has been awarded funding for her project “The new voice of Multicultural Australian English” ($1,064,111).

This project aims to generate an integrated and inclusive model of Australian-English, through phonetic analysis of the spoken language used by adolescents from a range of ethnic backgrounds. Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world yet the complex relationship between speech production and cultural diversity is largely unknown in 21st century multicultural Australia. This project aims to establish how adolescents from different ethnicities use speech patterns to symbolically express their diverse sociocultural identities. The project expects to inform sociophonetic theories of variation, ethnicity, and identity, providing a framework for supporting sociocultural cohesion in Australia.

Congratulations Felicity!

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