KU Leuven and Macquarie University partner to offer the 2018 CETRA Research Summer School

KU Leuven and Macquarie University partner to offer the 2018 CETRA Research Summer School

The 2018 Centre for Translation Studies (CETRA) Research Summer School will take place at the Antwerp campus of KU Leuven from 27 August to 7 September 2018. The 2018 Summer School is a very special event, marking the 30th anniversary of the summer school. Macquarie University, together with Lingnan University, will partner with KU Leuven to offer the 2018 edition of the event, with Dr Haidee Kruger invited to serve on the staff of the summer school.

In 1989 José Lambert created a special research program in Translation Studies at the University of Leuven in order to promote research training in the study of translational phenomena. Since then, this unique program has attracted talented PhD students, postdocs and young scholars who spend two weeks of research under the supervision of a team of prominent scholars as well as of the supervision of the Chair Professor, an annually appointed expert in the field of Translation Studies. The 2018 CETRA Chair Professor is Professor Sandra Halverson.

The list of CETRA professors serves as an illustration of the program’s openness to the different currents in the international world of Translation Studies: †Gideon Toury (Tel Aviv, 1989), †Hans Vermeer (Heidelberg, 1990), Susan Bassnett (Warwick, 1991), †Albrecht Neubert (Leipzig, 1992), Daniel Gile (Paris, 1993), Mary Snell-Hornby (Vienna, 1994), †André Lefevere (Austin, 1995), Anthony Pym (Tarragona, 1996), Yves Gambier (Turku, 1997), Lawrence Venuti (Philadelphia, 1998), Andrew Chesterman (Helsinki, 1999), Christiane Nord (Magdeburg, 2000), Mona Baker (Manchester, 2001), Maria Tymoczko (Amherst, Massachusetts, 2002), Ian Mason (Edinburgh, 2003), Michael Cronin (Dublin, 2004), †Daniel Simeoni (Toronto, 2005), Harish Trivedi (Delhi, 2006), †Miriam Shlesinger (Tel Aviv, 2007), Kirsten Malmkjaer (London, 2008), †Martha Cheung (Hong Kong, 2009), Sherry Simon (Montreal, 2010), Christina Schaeffner (Aston, 2011), Franz Pöchhacker (Vienna, 2012), Michaela Wolf (Graz, 2013), Arnt Lykke Jakobsen (Copenhagen, 2014), Judy Wakabayashi (Kent, USA, 2015), Jeremy Munday (Leeds, 2016), Leo Tak-hung Chan (Hong Kong, 2017).

For more information, including information on applications, visit the CETRA website.

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