Department of Health Systems and Populations

Department of Health Systems and Populations

Department of Health Systems and Populations

Committed to igniting leadership, teamwork and innovation with skills and competencies to benefit 21st century public health practitioners.

Public health practitioners are the driving force behind the ever improving world health. Equipped with critical knowledge that supports disease prevention, health promotion and increases overall quality of life, these professionals innovate for change in an ever increasing globalised world.

The Department is a multi-disciplinary community committed to inter-professional and multi-disciplinary collaboration to support and strengthen health systems locally, nationally, and globally.

As the newest Department within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, we aim to build world class programs and undertake research relevant to 21st century population health needs and practice. Our commitment to Macquarie University's teaching, research, and indigenous strategies, and being a part of MQ Health, the University’s Health Sciences Centre, upholds our vision to 'heal, learn, discover', and makes our Department a vibrant place to study, research and work.

We have valuable connections with Macquarie University Hospital (MUH), the first ever hospital to be led by a university in Australia. This accessibility means we offer students access to study medical advancements and healthcare innovations at the point of their discovery, supporting learning outcomes and research initiatives.

In the Master of Public Health program, we are interested in the biological, environmental, social, cultural, economic, and political determinants of health. We focus in specialisations of environmental and global health, ethics and policy, and leadership.

For those who choose to pursue research, the MPH is an established pathway into PhD studies. This would enable students to become experts in the technical skills and competencies required for future research in their field.

The course is taught by world leaders in all areas of public health. The course takes a blended learning delivery mode through face-to-face and online learning sessions, allowing students to undertake study that fits their busy schedules. The program is designed to meet national and international requirements and global accreditation standards.

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