Our people

Our people

Head of Department

Photo of Vincent Lam

Vincent Lam

Department of Clinical Medicine

Professor Vincent Lam is the Professor of Surgery and Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Macquarie University. He received his medical degree from the University of Sydney in 1998 and completed his general surgical training in Sydney in 2006. He went on for two years of post-fellowship training...View full profile in our Researcher's database

HDR Director

Photo of Stuart L. Graham

Stuart L. Graham

Department of Clinical Medicine

Phone: +61 2 9850 4000

Professor Graham (MBBS, MS, PhD, FRANZCO) is Head of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at Macquarie University Faculty of Medicine, and a Visiting Professor at the Save Sight Institute, Sydney University. He practices as a glaucoma subspecialist, with a special interest in early diagnosis and electrophysiology. His research involves mechanisms of...View full profile in our Researcher's database

Academic staff

Phone: 00610298122976
Phone: +61 2 9850 2804
Phone: 00610298123800
Phone: 610298123899
Phone: +61 2 9850 4014
Phone: +61 2 9850 4000
Phone: +61 2 9850 2763
Phone: +61 2 9850 2221
Phone: 00610298123709
Phone: 00610298589888
Phone: +61 2 9850 2358
Phone: +61 2 9850 2729
Dr Erin Moth
Phone: +61 2 9850 8858
Phone: 00610298123720
Phone: +61 2 9812 3900
Phone: +61 2 9850 2359
Phone: +61 2 9850 2973
Phone: 00610298123933

Professional Staff

Collette Tosen Department Administrator, Clinical Medicine
Shanna O'ConnorDepartment Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medicine
Gabriel SilverClinical Study Coordinator, Cancer Program
Paula Ordonez ArtunduagaClinical Trials Coordinator, MND
Ashley Crook Senior Genetic Counsellor, MND
Rosie Fell Genetic Counsellor, MND
Richard GanClinical Trials Coordinator, MND
Robin BlumfieldAdministration Coordinator, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Teresa Cordina Administrative Assistant, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Katrina Gaitatzis Senior Research Officer, Vanderbilt Clinical Trials
Lori Lewis Research Assistant, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Meredith MacdonaldAdministration Assistant, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Emma Moloney Research Officer, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Robyn Ricketts Research Officer, Advanced Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic
Catherine Riley Research Officer, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment Program
Linda Garthwaite Research Assistant, Ophthalmology
Lizzi Graham Research Assistant, Ophthalmology
Angela Schulz Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ophthalmology
Roshana Vander Wall Research Assistant, Ophthalmology
Carlo RussoSenior Software Engineer - Research Analysis, Neurosciences
Wanda McDermottClinical Skills Development Coordinator, Clinical Operations and Teaching

Honorary Conjoint Academic Appointments

Sumit RanigaConjoint Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
David BuiConjoint Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Graham GumleyConjoint Associate Professor, Hand Surgery
Venkata RamConjoint Professor, Rheumatology
David MassassoConjoint Senior Lecturer, Rheumatology
Robbie BlackwellConjoint Associate Lecturer, ALERT Program
Fiona Tisdall BlakeConjoint Associate Lecturer, ALERT Program
Kim ToyerConjoint Associate Lecturer, ALERT Program
Erin MothConjoint Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
John ParkConjoint Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Dhanusha Sabanathan Conjoint Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Alison ZhangConjoint Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Hari RajuConjoint Associate Professor, Cardiology
Chrishan NalliahConjoint Associate Professor, Cardiology
Jason KaplanConjoint Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Joseph ChihaConjoint Lecturer, Cardiology
Rominder GroverConjoint Lecturer, Cardiology
Corinna PanConjoint Lecturer, Respiratory
Michael ParrConjoint Associate Professor, Intensive Care
K.Subba ReddyConjoint Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
William O'ReganConjoint Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Rowena MobbsConjoint Senior Lecturer, Neurology
Simon WillcockConjoint Professor, General Practice
Imron SubhanConjoint Associate Professor, General Practice
Jaganmani SreekanthConjoint Associate Professor, General Practice
Rajib PaulConjoint Associate Professor, General Practice
Sanjyot VagholkarConjoint Associate Professor, General Practice
Sharmila KazaConjoint Associate Professor, General Practice
Janani MahadevaConjoint Senior Lecturer, General Practice
Heather Kairaitis Conjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Katrina TillerConjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Lynne KielyConjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Mark LeeConjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Sue Knott Conjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Wendy KingConjoint Lecturer, General Practice
Jo LobbConjoint Lecturer, General Practice 
Kim Chau-VoConjoint Associate Lecturer, General Practice 
Luke MorphettConjoint Associate Lecturer, General Practice 
Marin EswararajConjoint Associate Lecturer, General Practice 
Aleksandra PolikarpovaConjoint Associate Lecturer, General Practice
Penelope UtherConjoint Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics
Joanna JacquesConjoint Associate Lecturer, Physiology
Kevin Ho-ShonConjoint Associate Professor, Radiology
Mark WanConjoint Lecturer
Robyn LaubeConjoint Lecturer
Michelle Chen Conjoint Lecturer
Alan CarewConjoint Associate Lecturer
Alison Wong Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Ali MoaazConjoint Associate Lecturer
Cathy Yi XiaConjoint Associate Lecturer
Celeste YeoConjoint Associate Lecturer
Celia TwindyakiranaConjoint Associate Lecturer
Grace LeongConjoint Associate Lecturer
Jisha Hameed JunjuConjoint Associate Lecturer
Kenneth LuConjoint Associate Lecturer
Marian KalayilConjoint Associate Lecturer
Nikolas HoedionoConjoint Associate Lecturer
Simon ZhangConjoint Associate Lecturer
Tommy ChiuConjoint Associate Lecturer
William YuenConjoint Associate Lecturer
Winson LuConjoint Associate Lecturer
Yu-Fang WuConjoint Associate Lecturer

Honorary Academic Appointments

Michael MorganEmeritus Professor
Anna SchilderHonorary Professor
David HilmersHonorary Professor
Jack WallHonorary Professor
James EasthamHonorary Professor
John BoyagesHonorary Professor
Julian GoldHonorary Professor
Honorary Professor
Bronwyn DevineHonorary Associate Professor
Manokaran GurusamyHonorary Associate Professor
Diana McKayHonorary Associate Professor
Mehdi MirzaeiHonorary Associate Professor
John BeattieHonorary Senior Lecturer
Abbas HaghshenasHonorary Senior Lecturer
John Lam-Po-TangHonorary Senior Lecturer
Louise HirdHonorary Lecturer
Lahvinya KulaendraHonorary Lecturer
Andrea MangionHonorary Lecturer
Rosalind MulhollandHonorary Lecturer
I-Ferne TanHonorary Lecturer
Stephen BestedHonorary Associate Lecturer
Ayad AnwerHonorary Senior Research Fellow
David TianHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Kevin PhanHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Zhao ZhenjunHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Ada CuneytHonorary Research Fellow
Helen HuHonorary Research Fellow
Chris WongHonorary Research Fellow
Louis FerreiraVisiting Associate Professor
Akshay BhardwajVisiting Fellow
Horace ChengVisiting Fellow
Christopher DavidoffVisiting Fellow
Ameya KamatVisiting Fellow
Dmitri MelkonyanVisiting Fellow
Ashley Wilson-SmithVisiting Scholar
Anne JianVisiting Scholar
David AxfordVisiting Scholar
Robert PotraVisiting Scholar
David Alexander MunnochAdjunct Professor
Eamon BrownAdjunct Fellow
Douglas CampbellAdjunct Fellow
William LuAdjunct Fellow
Yasmin MatthewsAdjunct Fellow
Yao Chang TanAdjunct Fellow
Ross WalkerAdjunct Fellow

Honorary Clinical Academic Appointments

Desmond BokorClinical Professor, Orthopaedics
Munjed Al Muderis Clinical Professor, Orthopaedics
James(Jim) SullivanClinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
Craig Waller Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
Simon Coffey Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Adrian  Low Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Rami Sorial Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Bernard Zicat Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Abdul-Wahid HaidaryClinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Ali Gursel Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Kalman Piper Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Davor Saravanja Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Nicholas Smith Clinical Associate Professor, Hand Surgery
Damian Ryan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Simon Chan Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Michael Dowd Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Ian Yuen Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Michael CohenClinical Professor, Rheumatology
Felix ChanClinical Associate Professor, Gynaecological Oncology
Mark WongClinical Associate Professor, Medical Oncology
Cecelia De Gzell Clinical Senior Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Anne Ho Clinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Chelsie O'ConnorClinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Wei Tim Wang Clinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Jennifer Gilchrist Clinical Senior Lecturer, Breast Oncology Nursing
Martin Phillips Clinical Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Claude Farah Clinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Jonathan Williamson Clinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Lucy Morgan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Tajalli (Taj) SaghaieClinical Senior Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Wai Kuen Chow Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Monica ComsaClinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Samantha Herath Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Benjamin Ng Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Nicole HerschClinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Ravi Bhindi Clinical Professor, Cardiology
Rohan Jayasinghe Clinical Professor, Cardiology
Martin Ng Clinical Professor, Cardiology
Kaleab Asrress Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Edward Barin Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Martin Brown Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Saurabh KumarClinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Probal RoyClinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Sophia Wong Clinical Associate Lecturer, Cardiology
Michael SecoClinical Associate Lecturer, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Anil Aggarwala Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
William Chik Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Vincent Chow Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Peter Illes Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Ru Dee Ting Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Viswanathan Venkatachalam Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Alexander JacobsenClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Athula GunasekaraClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Arvind Iyer Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Abhinay Luhach Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Christopher Naoum Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Fiona FooClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Ruba HaddadClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Michael Wilson Clinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Walid MohabbatClinical Senior Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Delfino Di Mascio Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Daniel Nguyen Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Robert Tang Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Erik Aneman Clinical Professor, Intensive Care
Deepak Bhonagiri Clinical Associate Professor, Intensive Care
Amjed Aziz Clinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Kanaka Rachakonda Clinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Ross Calcroft Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Patrick Liston Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Victor Tam Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Colin Xavier Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Philip MathenClinical Associate Lecturer, Intensive Care
Edward Teo Clinical Associate Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Ross White Clinical Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Ian Seppelt Clinical Professor, Anaesthesiology
Michael Gleeson Clinical Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
Mark Tahmindjis Clinical Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
Jarrett Barker-Whittle Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Alistair Boyce Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Alwin Chuan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Thanan Elalingam Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Tiscia Stefanutto Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Malcolm Albany Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Noela Ferch Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
James Nielsen Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Andrew Paterson Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
John Stellios Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Paul Wajon Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Stewart Wallace Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Behzad Eftekhar Clinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
John Fuller Clinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Kevin Seex Clinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Nazih Assaad Clinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Prashanth RaoClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Timothy Siu Clinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Matthew TaitClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Ann Bacsi Clinical Lecturer, Neurology
David David Clinical Professor, Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
Catherine BirmanClinical Professor, ORL, Head and Neck Surgery
Richard Harvey Clinical Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Raymond Sacks Clinical Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Raewyn CampbellClinical Associate Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Nicholas Jufas Clinical Associate Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Jonathan Kong Clinical Associate Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Nirmal Patel Clinical Associate Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Yuresh Naidoo Clinical Associate Professor, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Navin Niles Clinical Associate Professor, Endocrine, Head & Neck Surgery
Hubert Low Clinical Senior Lecturer, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Faruque Riffat Clinical Senior Lecturer, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Marina Neves CavadaClinical Senior Lecturer, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Tony KuoClinical Lecturer, ORL, Head & Neck Surgery
Mark SmithClinical Lecturer, ORL, Head and Neck Surgery
I-Van HoClinical Professor, Ophthalmology
Chandra Balachandran Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Ross Benger Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Clare Fraser Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Adrian Fung Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Geoffrey Wilcsek Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Hema Arvind Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Brian Chua Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Rohan Merani Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Amy Pai Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Goff QuinClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Loreto Rose Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Krishna Tumuluri Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Deepa ViswanathanClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Sara Booth-Mason Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Eric Chai Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Michael DaviesClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Helen Do Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Gagan Khannah Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Leonard Ong Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Kirin Sindhu Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
James Smith Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Angelo Tsirbas Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
David Wechsler Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Stephanie Gilroy Clinical Lecturer, Dietetics
Keng-Ee Thai Clinical Lecturer, Dermatology
Ken Ho Clinical Associate Professor, Endocrinology
Eva WongClinical Senior Lecturer, Endocrinology
Min Ling Clinical Senior Lecturer, Endocrinology
Ahmed HusseinClinical Lecturer, Endocrinology
Rajini JayaballaClinical Lecturer, Endocrinology
Meredith Makeham Clinical Professor, General Practice
Elizabeth MarlesClinical Associate Professor, General Practice
Candace Newberry Clinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
Melanie Webb Clinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
Charbel BadrClinical Lecturer, General Practice
Cynthia Parr Clinical Lecturer, Palliative Care
Olav Nielssen Clinical Professor, Psychiatry
Abdul-Wahid HaidaryClinical Senior Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Martin Kennedy Clinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Helen Mackie Clinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Daniel Lin Clinical Associate Professor, Paediatrics
Monique Stone Clinical Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics
Kartik BhatiaClinical Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics
Elizabeth Pickford Clinical Lecturer, Paediatrics
Thuy-Tien VoClinical Lecturer, Paediatrics
Iman HegazyClinical Associate Lecturer, Paediatrics
Stuart Grieve Clinical Professor, Radiology
Sidath Chrisantha Fernando Clinical Associate Lecturer, Radiology
Winston Chong Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
John Read Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Tahereh ErfaniClinical Senior Lecturer, Radiology
Jessica YangClinical Senior Lecturer, Radiology
Adeola AvoolaClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Gary BatmanClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Catherine Bones-Saunders Clinical Lecturer, Radiology
Mudit GuptaClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Jonathan HoClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Tim Liu Clinical Lecturer, Radiology
Radha PopuriClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Chris Rogan Clinical Lecturer, Radiology
Brendan Steinfort Clinical Lecturer, Interventional Neuroradiology
Sally Bonar Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology
Warick Delprado Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology
Annabelle Farnsworth Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology
Fiona Maclean Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology
Jennifer Turner Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology
Alexandra Allende Clinical Senior Lecturer, Pathology
Jennifer Roberts Clinical Senior Lecturer, Pathology
John TurchiniClinical Senior Lecturer, Pathology
Richard Jaworski Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Robyn Levingston Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Cathy Lim Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Miriam Paul Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Michael Rodriguez Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Elizabeth Sinclair Clinical Lecturer, Pathology
Sam Alhayo Clinical Associate Lecturer, General Surgery
Samuel Kuo Clinical Senior Lecturer, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
Christos Apostolou Clinical Senior Lecturer, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
Sameer Mihrsahi Clinical Lecturer, Upper Gastroenterology Surgery
Alice LeeClinical Associate Lecturer, Gastroenterology/Hepatology
Brett JonesClinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Jeff ChangClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Eric Lee Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Crispin Corte Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Cheng Lee Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Sudarshan ParamsothyClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Rupert Leong Clinical Professor, Gastroenterology
Darren Pavey Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Jaswinder Samra Clinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Neomal Sandanayake Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Lisa Shim Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Anupam Sibal Clinical Professor, Gastroenterology 
Matthew Rickard Clinical Associate Professor, Colorectal Surgery
Andrew Gilmore Clinical Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery
Nabeel Ibrahim Clinical Associate Professor, General Surgery
Ziggy YehClinical Lecturer, General and Colorectal Surgery
Jeremy Hsu Clinical Associate Professor, Breast/General Surgery
Deborah CheungClinical Senior Lecturer, Breast Surgery
Karen ShawClinical Lecturer, Breast Surgery
Thomas OhClinical Lecturer, Breast/General Surgery
Mona Razavian Clinical Lecturer, Nephrology
Amanda WangClinical Senior Lecturer, Nephrology
Thomas LamClinical Associate Professor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Gazi Hussain Clinical Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery
David CollettClinical Associate Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Anthony BarkerClinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Richard Atkinson Clinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Steven Merten Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Quan Ngo Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
William Wessels Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Manish Patel Clinical Professor, Urology
Eric ChungClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Howard Lau Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
William Lynch Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Vincent Tse Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Celi Varol Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Amanda Chung Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Raymond Ko Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Justin Vass Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Shannon KimClinical Lecturer, Urology

Honorary Clinical Fellows

Dr Nicholas BurrowesClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Utkarsh PawarClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Sebastian EibachClinical  Lecturer
Dr Amer Abu Al RaghebClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Kaishin TenakaClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Shay MenachemClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Miles McCaffreyClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Renata GankoClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Santosh RenduchintalaClinical Associate Lecturer
Dr Daniel IsacsonClinical Associate Lecturer

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