Our people

Our people

Head of department

Photo of Richard Kefford

Richard Kefford

Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Phone: +61 2 9812 3961

Professor Richard Kefford AM MB BS PhD FRACP is Professor of Cancer Medicine and Head, Department of Clinical Medicine at Macquarie University, Sydney and Co-Director of Research at Melanoma Institute Australia. He is an internationally acclaimed melanoma researcher and a national leader in academic medicine and medical research with a...View full profile in our Researcher's database

HDR director

Photo of Stuart L Graham

Stuart L Graham

Department of Clinical Medicine

Phone: +61 2 9850 4000

Professor Graham is Head of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at Macquarie University Faculty of Medicine, and a Visiting Professor at the Save Sight Institute, Sydney University. He practices as a glaucoma subspecialist, with a special interest in early diagnosis and electrophysiology. His research involves mechanisms of optic nerve damage, including...View full profile in our Researcher's database

Academic staff

Phone: +61 2 9850 2371
Phone: +61 2 9812 2976
Phone: +61 2 9850 2804
Phone: 0298502723
Phone: +61 2 9812 3800
Phone: 610298123899
Phone: +61 2 9850 4014
Phone: +61 2 9850 4000
Phone: +61 2 9850 2763
Phone: +61 2 9850 4000
Phone: +61 2 9850 2221
Phone: +61 2 9812 3709
Phone: +61 2 9850 2785
Phone: +61 2 9858 9888
Phone: +61 2 9850 2358
Phone: +61 2 9850 2729
Phone: 2348
Phone: 2726
Phone: +61 2 9812 3720
Phone: +61 2 9850 4000
Phone: +61 2 9812 2359
Phone: +61 2 9850 2973

Professional staff

Lorel Adams MND Biobank Coordinator
Teresa Cordina Administrative Assistant, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research & Treatment (ALERT)
Ashley Crook MND Senior Genetic Counsellor
Rosmary Fell MND Genetic Counsellor
Katrina Gaitatzis Senior Research Officer, (ALERT)
Linda Garthwaite Research Assistant, Ophthalmology
Lizzi Graham Research Assistant,Ophthalmology
Mia Holman Faculty Liaison Officer
Alice Johnson Research & Administrative Assistant, ALERT
Lori Lewis Research Assistant, ALERT
Emma Moloney Research & Administrative Assistant, ALERT
Victoria Mule Research Officer, ALERT
Sonali Munot Senior Research Officer, ALERT
Kristine Nakhel Research Officer, ALERT
Shanna O'Connor Academic Assistant to Profs Richard Kefford, Howard Gurney and Vincent Lam
Robyn Ricketts Research Officer, ALERT
Catherine Riley Research Officer, ALERT
Sandiya Sathiyaseelan MND Clinical Trials Coordinator
Angela Schulz Study Coordinator, Ophthalmology
Philippa Sutton Project Coordinator, ALERT
Collette Tosen Department Administrator, Clinical Medicine

Honorary clinical academic appointments

Anil Aggarwala Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Munjed Al Muderis Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
Malcolm Albany Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Sam Alhayo Clinical Associate Lecturer, General Surgery
Alexandra Allende Clinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology
Erik Aneman Clinical Professor, Intensive Care
Christos Apostolou Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastrointestinal Surgery
Hema Arvind Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Kaleab Asrress Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Nazih Assaad Clinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Richard Atkinson Clinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Rodney Ayscough Clinical Associate Professor, General Practice
Amjed Aziz Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Ann Bacsi Clinical Lecturer, Neurology
Chandra Balachandran Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Alison Zhang Clinical Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Edward Barin Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Jarrett Barker-Whittle Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Ross Benger Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Ravi Bhindi Clinical Professor, Cardiology
Deepak Bhonagiri Clinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Sally Bonar Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Catherine Bones-Saunders Clinical Lecturer, Radiology
Sara Booth-Mason Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Alistair Boyce Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Martin Brown Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Ross Calcroft Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Eric Chai Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Simon Chan Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
William Chik Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Winston Chong Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Wai Kuen Chow Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Vincent Chow Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Sidath Chrisantha Fernando Clinical Associate Lecturer, Radiology
Brian Chua Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Alwin Chuan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Amanda Chung Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Simon Coffey Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Crispin Corte Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
David David Clinical Professor, Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
Cecelia De Gzell Clinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Warick Delprado Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Delfino Di Mascio Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Helen Do Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Michael Dowd Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Ardalan Ebrahimi Clinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Behzad Eftekhar Clinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Thanan Elalingam Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Thomas LamClinical Associate Professor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Claude Farah Clinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Annabelle Farnsworth Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Noela Ferch Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Clare Fraser Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
John Fuller Clinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Adrian Fung Clinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Jennifer Gilchrist Clinical Senior Lecturer, Breast Oncology Nursing
Andrew Gilmore Clinical Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery
Stephanie Gilroy Clinical Lecturer, Dietetics
Michael Gleeson Clinical Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
Stuart Grieve Clinical Professor, Radiology
Al Gursel Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Richard Harvey Clinical Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Samantha Herath Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Ken Ho Clinical Associate Professor, Endocrinology
Anne Ho Clinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Kevin Ho-Shon Clinical Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology
Jeremy Hsu Clinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Gazi Hussain Clinical Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery
NabeelI Brahim Clinical Associate Professor, General Surgery
Peter Illes Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Arvind Iyer Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Michael Izard Clinical Senior Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Richard Jaworski Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Rohan Jayasinghe Clinical Professor, Rheumatology
Nicholas Jufas Clinical Senior Lecturer, Otolaryngology
Martin Kennedy Clinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Prashanth RaoClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgeon
Gagan Khannah Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Raymond Ko Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Jonathan Kong Clinical Associate Professor, Ear Nose & Throat Surgery
Samuel Kuo Clinical Senior Lecturer, General & Gastrointestinal Surgery
Howard Lau Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Cheng Lee Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Eric Lee Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Rupert Leong Clinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Robyn Levingston Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Cathy Lim Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Daniel Lin Clinical Associate Professor, Paediatrics
Min Ling Clinical Senior Lecturer, Endocrinology
Patrick Liston Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Tim Liu Clinical Lecturer, Medical Imaging
Hubert Low Clinical Senior Lecturer, Head & Neck Surgery
Adrian  Low Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Abhinay Luhach Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
William Lynch Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Helen Mackie Clinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Fiona Maclean Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
James Macneil Clinical Associate Lecturer, Urology and Colorectal
Meredith Makeham Clinical Professor, General Practice
John TurchiniClinical Lecturer, Pathologist
Melissa McConaghy Clinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Rohan Merani Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Steven Merten Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Sameer Mihrsahi Clinical Lecturer, Upper Gastroenterology Surgery
Lucy Morgan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Yuresh Naidoo Clinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Mark Nallaratnam Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Christopher Naoum Clinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Candace Newberry Clinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
Benjamin Ng Clinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Martin Ng Clinical Professor, Cardiology
Quan Ngo Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Daniel Nguyen Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
James Nielsen Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Olav Nielssen Clinical Professor, Psychiatry
Navin Niles Clinical Associate Professor, Endocrine & Head & Neck Surgery
Leonard Ong Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Nicole HerschClinical Lecturer, Cardiovascular and Respiratory
Amy Pai Clinical Senior Lecturer, Opthamology
Cynthia Parr Clinical Lecturer, Palliative Care
Manish Patel Clinical Professor, Urology
Nirmal Patel Clinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Andrew Paterson Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Miriam Paul Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Darren Pavey Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Martin Phillips Clinical Professor, Respiratory
Elizabeth Pickford Clinical Lecturer, Paediatrics
Kalman Piper Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Jonathan HoClinical Lecturer, Radiologist
Goff Quin Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Kanaka Rachakonda Clinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Mona Razavian Clinical Lecturer, Nephrology
John Read Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Matthew Rickard Clinical Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery
Faruque Riffat Clinical Senior Lecturer, Otolaryngology
Jennifer Roberts Clinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology
Sue Robinson Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesia
Michael Rodriguez Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Chris Rogan Clinical Lecturer, Radiology
Loreto Rose Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Damian Ryan Clinical Senior Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Raymond Sacks Clinical Professor, Itolaryngology
Jaswinder Samra Clinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Neomal Sandanayake Clinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Davor Saravanja Clinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Kevin Seex Clinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Ian Seppelt Clinical Associate Professor, Intensive Care
Lisa Shim Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Anupam Sibal Clinical Professor, Gastroentrology a
Elizabeth Sinclair Clinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Kirin Sindhu Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Timothy Siu Clinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Nicholas Smith Clinical Senior Lecturer, Hand Surgery
James Smith Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Rami Sorial Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Tiscia Stefanutto Clinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Brendan Steinfort Clinical Lecturer, Neuroradiology
John Stellios Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Monique Stone Clinical Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics
Mark Tahmindjis Clinical Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
Victor Tam Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Robert Tang Clinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Edward Teo Clinical Associate Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Keng-Ee Thai Clinical Lecturer, Dermatology
Ru Dee Ting Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Vincent Tse Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Angelo Tsirbas Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Krishna Tumuluri Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Jennifer Turner Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Michael Vallely Clinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Celi Varol Clinical Associate Professor, Urology
Justin Vass Clinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Viswanathan Venkatachalam Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Paul Wajon Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Stewart Wallace Clinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Craig Waller Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
Wei Tim Wang Clinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Melanie Webb Clinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
David Wechsler Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
William Wessels Clinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Ross White Clinical Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Geoffrey Wilcsek Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Jonathan Williamson Clinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Michael Wilson Clinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sophia Wong Clinical Associate Lecturer, Cardiology
Colin Xavier Clinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Ian Yuen Clinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Bernard Zicat Clinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics

PhD students

StudentCourse Thesis ProposalSupervisor
Mojdeh Abbasi PhD Determine the role of caveolae associated proteins in regulating cellular survival signalling in the inner retina. Prof Stuart Graham
Angela Godinez PhD The role of neuroserpin in retinal neuroprotection Prof Stuart Graham
Joel Berliner PhD How Does Spinal Cord Fluid Flow Change in Syringomyelia Prof Marcus Stoodley
Wai Kuen Chow PhD An Open Label Pilot Study of Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy in Symptomatic Motor Neurone Disease Patients with Respiratory Impairment Prof Jacqueline Phillips
Fahimeh Faqihi PhD Radiation-induced markers for vascular targeting Prof Marcus Stoodley
Kelvin Hsu PhD Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction in Patients with COPD: Mechanisms, Pathophysiology and Outcomes Prof Alvin Ng
Belinda Joy Johnston MRes What is the functional outcome of patients following neurosurgical treatment of brain tumours? A/Prof Andrew Davidson
Chitra Joseph PhD Identify and Characterise Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor targets in the retina to improve outcomes in neurodegenerative disorders Prof Stuart Graham
Shinuo Liu PhD Cerebrospinal fluid physiology: Flow in the spinal cord and subarachnoid space relating to syringomyelia pathogenesis Prof Marcus Stoodley
Kanishka Pushpitha Maha Thanthirige PhD Comparative In vitro Study of the Effect of GGA and Shp-2 Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles On Induced Model of Glaucoma Dr Vivek Gupta
Abubakar Siddiq Mangani PhD Early diagnosis of Glaucoma using Exosomal miRNAs as Biomarkers. Prof Stuart Graham
Phoebe Jones MPhil Breast implant associated Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL) and its link to textured implants and biofilm Prof Anand Deva
Dmitry Polikarpov PhD Application of Photoluminescent Nanomaterials for Diagnosis and Therapy of Bladder Cancer Prof David Gillatt
Rashi PhD Exploring the efficacy of nanoparticle based therapeutic interventions on amyloid protein expressions in neurodegenerative diseases of CNS and retina Prof Stuart Graham
Mahdieh Rezaeian PhD Non-invasive assessment of cerebral hemodynamics - the role of retinal vessels Prof Stuart Graham
Loreto Rose PhD Myopia progression in childhood and the effect of dual focus lenses Prof Stuart Graham
Dhanusha Sabanathan PhD Personalised therapeutics of urogential cancers Prof Howard Gurney
Sheriff Samran MRes Differential patterns and underlying mechanisms of axonal damage in the visual pathways in neuromyolitis optica (NMO) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Dr Vivek Gupta
Ting Shen PhD Saving the optic nerve – manipulating Shp2/caveolin axis Prof Stuart Graham
Mary Simons PhD The role of a spiral evidence-based practice curriculum embedded across the spectrum of medical training at Macquarie University A/Prof Andrew Davidson
Hojjat Soofi PhD Ethics of antipsychotic treatment for people with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in long-term care facilities Dr Wendy Rogers

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