Our donors generously give for many reasons and in many different ways.

Many donors see their donation as a way of saying thank you for their treatment and care at Macquarie University Hospital or Clinic, for their Medical education at Macquarie University, or as an opportunity to help others or give back to their community.

These donations transform lives by providing many opportunities to enable innovative research, support teaching and learning initiatives, offer student scholarships, bursaries and prizes, and make infrastructure improvements and developments possible. Our donors are an integral part of our community.

Our future success increasingly depends on the generosity of our donors. With your generous support the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University will maintain and shape the future of multidisciplinary medical education and research at Macquarie University.

To support the faculty’s medical research and teaching programs, you can donate here:


What donation options are there?

There are many ways to make a donation that align with your own passions, aspirations, values and commitment. For example, you may wish to support our research programs or provide a student scholarship or prize or leave us a bequest through your will.

Donations can specify support for a range of areas, including supporting our research programs (Cancer treatment and detection, Neuroscience, Surgery, or Vascular science & Cardiology), or supporting student scholarships, bursaries and prizes.


Student scholarships provide opportunities for specific groups of students. Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and equity and are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship to help with living and study related costs such as textbooks and transport expenses. Others recognise factors such as academic excellence or sporting achievement.

Help our students make a difference. Find out more about our MQ Health Student Support Fund.


Student prizes provide recognition of academic achievement, leadership, collegiality or team work in particular units or programs of study. Recipients are nominated by relevant Faculty staff according to academic results or broader performance, such as initiative in leadership and inclusive practice.

Bequests (contributions through your will)

By making a contribution in your will, you can provide enduring support for generations of students by helping us to take our research, learning and teaching facilities to new levels of excellence and provide funds to enrich our students' educational opportunities.

Donations from your will allow you to establish a personal legacy and to have control about what specifically you would like your donation to support.

Donating in this way gives flexibility in terms of financial planning, without compromising your current financial needs. It also allows you to consider your philanthropic interests as well as your family and friends.

Bequests for Macquarie University are currently contributing to:

  • major developmental projects
  • the creation of new areas of academic leadership
  • the development of new technologies and skills
  • innovative research focused on medical priorities
  • student scholarships, bursaries and prizes
  • supporting teaching by establishing professorial positions or endowed chairs.

You can find more information on out body donations program here.

If you would like more information or to have a confidential discussion about making a donation or bequest, please contact us.

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