Physics Bridging Course

Physics Bridging Course

2019 Physics Bridging Course

This bridging course prepares you for studies in physics, astronomy, engineering, medical sciences, and related disciplines. It provides learning support, a useful refresher and a solid foundation for your university studies in science.

If you have not completed physics to HSC level or equivalent, this course is recommended to give you background knowledge to support your studies in PHYS140/PHYS143 or PHYS106/107. It is also excellent preparation for PHYS149 and a foundation for the GAMSAT.

It covers the following topics:

  • Waves: Sound, electromagnetic spectrum, orders of magnitude and scientific notation
  • Matter and molecules: Thermal properties of matter, pressure in fluids and ideal gases
  • Forces: Vectors, forces in equilibrium, dynamics and motion, Newton's laws, gravity, energy and power
  • Electricity: Static electricity, electric circuits/fields/potential, magnetic fields and electromagnetic induction
  • Atomic and nuclear physics: Electrons, nuclei, atomic structure, radioactive decay and nuclear energy.

Date and time

Dates: Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February 2019

The 27-hour course will be run over 4½ days. It will run as a half day on Monday from 1PM - 4PM, then from 9AM-5PM on Tuesday to Friday. A detailed timetable can be seen below.



Room 149, 7 Wally's Walk (Building E6B), Macquarie University
Go through the School of Engineering entrance, then it is the first room on the right.


$250 (including electronic copy of study notes and GST)

$270 (including printed copy of study notes and GST)


Register here:

Registration closes 12th February 2019 at 11PM


Vivienne Wong, Academic Administrator
T: (02) 9850 4166

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