Physics Bridging Course

Physics Bridging Course

2020 Physics Bridging Course

This bridging course prepares you for studies in physics, astronomy, engineering, medical sciences, and related disciplines. It provides learning support, a useful refresher and a solid foundation for your university studies in science*

If you have not completed physics to HSC level or equivalent, this course is recommended to give you background knowledge to support your studies in:

  • PHYS1510 (PHYS140) / PHYS1520 (PHYS143) or PHYS1020 (PHYS106) / PHYS1010 (PHYS107)
  • WPHY1510 (WPHY140) / WPHY1520 (WPHY143)

It is also excellent preparation for:

  • PHYS1210 (PHYS149) and a foundation for the GAMSAT.
  • Foundations for engineering units such as MECH1001, CIVL1001, ENGG1000, ENGG1050.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Foundation for science: Units, scientific notation, orders of magnitude, accuracy and precision.
  • Kinematics: Vectors, scalars, and properties of motion.
  • Mechanics: Forces, equilibrium, dynamics, Newton's laws, gravity, momentum, energy and power.
  • Waves: Sound and electromagnetic waves, wave propagation and wave properties.
  • Properties of matter: Constituents of matter, thermal properties of matter, fluids and ideal gases.
  • Electrostatics and magnetism:  Electrical and magnetic phenomena, and electronic circuits.
  • Atomic, quantum, and nuclear physics.

Date and time

Dates: Monday 3 February - Friday 7 February 2020

The 27-hour course will be run over 4½ days. It will run from 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, and as a half day on Friday from 9am-12pm. A detailed timetable can be seen below.


Mon 3 - Thu 6 February 2020 Fri 7 February 2020 only 
10:30-11:00Morning Tea (provided)10:30-11:00Morning Tea (provided)
12:30-1:30Lunch (provided by student)  
3:00-3:30Afternoon tea (provided)  


Theatrette 102, 9 Wally's Walk, Macquarie University



$260 (including electronic copy of study notes and GST)
$280 (including printed copy of study notes and GST)


Register here:

Registration closes 31 January 2020 at 4pm


Some of the positive feedback we received from our students:

“Great course with great teachers, Dr Horvath was very clear and helpful” – Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Student

“The course was a good intro to physics and will be useful going forward in my course” – Bachelor of Clinical Science (BClinSci) Student

“Good refresher for my entry into 1st year physics.” – Bachelor of Science (BSci) Student

Enquiries for 2021

Academic Administrator
T: (02) 9850 4244

* Please note this course is designed to provide a general knowledge of introductory physics, however, it does not qualify as a prerequisite for entry into Macquarie University units.

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