Our research

Our research

We have a mutual aim in our department, to advance our understanding of common neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory conditions and discover effective solutions in prevention and treatment.

Our talented staff, who are experts in their chosen fields of research, focus on a wide range of fields including neurological rehabilitation, prognosis of common musculoskeletal conditions, classification and diagnosis of low back pain, and clinical neuroscience of pain.

The Department of Health Professions at Macquarie University have 160 square metres of purpose-built research premises, located at the Macquarie University Hospital Precinct with state-of-the-art facilities to support research. Our facilities include access to the extensive radiology imaging suite, real-time ultrasound imaging, quantitative sensory testing and cardiorespiratory analysis.

Our HDR students will study alongside experts in physiotherapy but also experts in related science fields. We provide a world-class environment and ground-breaking research with the motive of improving and innovating lives. We offer research training; communication skills; academic writing skills and planning skills. We also offer financial support for eligible candidates for research-related activities.

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