Never mind "fake news", what about "fake resumes"?

Never mind "fake news", what about "fake resumes"?

Trusted verification of an individual’s skills, qualifications and certification is becoming a major problem for employers and government agencies. In the 21st Century the idea of “fake resumes” is a real and growing concern. Individuals can forge, invent and craft their learning histories, and get away with it.

A lifelong learning culture means that employers are now looking at peoples’ on-the-job experiences and credentials over many years, as well as more formal qualifications – long term recognition of many forms of education and training is needed. Current systems are not proving up to the task. Modern technology allows for almost undetectable plagiarism. The media is full of reports almost weekly of very senior people being found out faking their work history, and their credentials. Undertaking due diligence has become a nightmare.

Macquarie University and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) have concluded a 5 year Agreement to jointly develop an application for online skills verification software in Australia, utilising BLOCKCHAIN technology. This encrypted peer-to-peer system will provide a high degree of integrity in resumes, job applications and performance reviews – the ability to “fake” results and certification will be removed through the process.

Imagine a “digital backpack” in which you and keep all your recognised learning over your life, and carry it with you via a smartphone application. Anyone to whom you give access can be assured that you actually have the credentials you say that you have. You can carry a digital record of experiences and skills as long as they are certified and verified by a third party recognised in the system e.g. a TAFE, University or Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Employers can also verify the skills and experiences of present and past employees if they join the system.

Professor Daryll Hull from Macquarie University stated: “this collaboration between Macquarie University and a leading tertiary support agency with over 70,000 student registrations per year will offer significant reach and impact in workforce matters. It will provide employers and employees greater certainty when engaging with each other. It can apply to every, and all sectors of the economy, at scale and independent of the nature of the occupations and work organisation”.

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