Lighthouse Lecture Series

Lighthouse Lecture Series

Workplace Deviance: A greater understanding toward constructive and destructive deviance

The Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes Dr Bella Galperin, Professor of Management and Associate Director of the TECO Energy Center for Leadership at the University of Tampa, Florida through the Visiting International Scholar Award (VISA) Scheme to deliver a talk as part of the Lighthouse Lecture Series on Workplace Deviance: A greater understanding toward constructive and destructive deviance.

What do Bernie Ebbers, former Worldcom CEO, and Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO, have in common?

More than you think. Both individuals deviated from the mainstream. On one hand, Bernie Ebbers played a central role in WorldCom's $11 billion accounting fraud, one of the largest business fraud in U.S. history which brought one of the strongest penalties against a corporate executive. On the other hand, Jack Welch is one the most renowned corporate leaders who oversaw revolution, reorganization and is seen by most as a champion of change.

While Bernie Ebbers is a “destructive deviant”, Jack Welch is a “constructive deviant”. Although it is simple to categorize individuals as either destructive or constructive, this perspective is incorrect. During Galperin's research, she discovered that these individuals may not necessarily be different people. Some individuals who break the norms which cause harm to the organizations may also violate organizational norms to bring about a positive change.

In this Lighthouse Lecture, Bella will discuss her research on the antecedents of destructive and constructive deviance.

Event Details

Tuesday 12 June 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Finance Decision Lab
Level 1, 4 Eastern Road
Monday 11 June 2018

The Speaker

Bella Galperin specialises in leadership, international management, workplace misbehavior and human resource management/organizational behavior.

Galperin has published numerous articles in areas such as cross-cultural management, workplace deviance and violence, and entrepreneurship. She has presented her work at professional meetings in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, the Caribbean, Israel and Poland. She is currently an associate editor of Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal.

She has also served as division chair, program chair and academic reviewer for the International Business Division of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, as well as scientific chair and organizing committee co-chair for the International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values. She has worked as a consultant in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical and clothing industries.


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