Higher Degree Research (HDR)

Higher Degree Research (HDR)

Academic research is critical in providing the scientific knowledge needed to address important social, political, economic, cultural and environmental issues.

Whether basic or applied, disciplinary or multi-disciplinary, research is critical to the economic and social development of society. Academic research provides a rich source for ideas and processes, whether that be for public policy formulation and development, designing innovative or more efficient techniques to assist industry achieve greater levels of productivity, or in reducing poverty and social marginalisation.

You may be a full-time employee looking to explore a particular area of research associated with your employment field through part-time study, or a full-time student looking to develop a career in academia or research oriented environment. Either way, our academics have the required supervisory experience and discipline knowledge, and the Faculty has the necessary support, to ensure you are best placed to both undertake and complete your research project. We are as dedicated to your research and your career as you are. When you delve deeper and think harder, when you publish your insights and network with key peers, we all benefit. Your advancement takes us further. So it's in our best interests to support you with generous funding and scholarships, strategic networking opportunities and much more.

Here you will learn more about our programs and the types of research projects that are, and have been, completed by research students.

Our courses

Our HDR program consists of 3 degrees. The 2 year Master of Research (MRes), consisting of a combined research based coursework (first year) and thesis (second year), is our sole PhD pathway program for students who have already completed a Bachelor or Masters coursework degree (MRes unit exemptions maybe granted) and who wish to undertake doctoral (PhD) studies after the MRes. Students may exit the first year of the MRes with a Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil).

The Master of Philosophy is a 2 year thesis that follows on from the MRes (or equivalent research training degree at the Masters level completed elsewhere). Alternatively, students may wish to transition directly to the 3 year PhD thesis upon completion of the MRes (or equivalent research training degree at the Masters level elsewhere), which has a higher entry requirement from the MRes than the MPhil. Further details are below:

The benefits

For you, this means

  • Highly experienced supervisors - Receive advice, thesis guidance, industry insights and networking opportunities from PhD qualified and research active supervisors, who are internationally recognised in their fields of expertise.
  • Proactive research training - Focussed research and thesis training, and skills development, from academic communication specialists and other relevant experts.
  • Support funding - Up to $10,000 in funding from the Faculty, for project and thesis support over the course of your candidature, including research & conference travel, and additional research training and copy editing. Some students will also receive up to $5,000 (on application) from the University. You'll have the resources and support to present at conferences in Australia and overseas, and to attend relevant research training courses.
  • Dedicated laptop - If you're a full-time candidate, you'll get a laptop for your exclusive use while you're studying, right up until you complete your thesis.
  • Contemporary facilities - Macquarie University is home to a state-of-the-art library, a business innovation hub, and its own hospital and train station. The Faculty has a Finance Decision Lab, which has access to currency, and stock market related information.
  • A vibrant, flexible, inspiring environment - Macquarie has a diverse mix of local and international students.


To find out more about the entry requirement to our HDR programs, please see the entry criteria.


View the list of Macquarie University scholarships available.

More information

If you're interested in enrolling in one of our Higher Degree Research programs, please contact us to discuss research areas, the application process, and the entry criteria.

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