Seminar series 2017

Seminar series 2017

Date Speaker Title & Links
Seminar Series 2017
30th November 2017 Associate Professor
Francesco Ravazzolo from
Free University Bozen/Bolzano
Time-varying uncertainty and predictability of exchange rates
Fri 24th November 2017 Prof Jesuthason Thampapillai from National University of Singapore Environmental Macroeconomics: A Neglected Theme in Environmental Economics (Leave Alone Economics)
23rd November 2017 Associate Professor David Kim from University of Sydney The Determinants of the Labour share of Income: A regional analysis of Korea
16th November 2017 Professor Robert Breunig from ANU Taxpayer responsiveness to
marginal tax rates: Bunching evidence from the Australian personal income tax system
9th November 2017 Nanak Kakwani from UNSW Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee (Dibao) Program in China
2nd November, 2017 A/Prof Asadul Islam from Monash University Do Friendship Networks Improve Female Education?
26th October, 2017 Georgios Georgiadis from European Central Bank Financial globalisation, monetary policy spillovers and macro-modelling: tales from 1001 shock
Wed 25th October, 2017 Dr Jean Sepulveda from Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile The effect of bank ownership and deposit insurance on monetary policy transmission revisited: the role of precautionary savings
Fri 20th October, 2017 Professor Premachandra Athukorala from ANU Global Production Sharing and Australian Manufacturing
12th October, 2017 Professor Raja Junankar from UNSW Youth Labour Markets in Developing and Developed Markets: The Role of Sectoral Composition of Production

28th September, 2017


A/Prof Peter Siminski from UTS Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for Australia
21st September, 2017 Professor Joshua Chan from UTS Large Bayesian VARs: A Flexible Kronecker Error Covariance Structure
14th September, 2017 Professor Mardi Dungey from University of Tasmania Signed spillover effects building on historical decompositions
7th September, 2017 Dr Daniel Melser from Monash University Residential Real Estate, Risk, Return and Diversification: Some Empirical Evidence
Wed 6th September 2017 Dr Wendun Wang from Erasmus University Rotterdam Heterogeneous structural breaks in panel data models
31st August 2017 Associate Professor Jason Potts from RMIT University The Stationary Bandit Model of Intellectual Property
24th August 2017
Professor Anthony Scott  from University of Melbourne Physician competition and low value health care. Evidence from primary care.

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17th August 2017 Professor Simon Ville from University of Wollongong Buzz and pipelines: knowledge and decision-making in a global business services precinct
10th August 2017 Professor Garry Barrett from University of Sydney Pension Incentives and the Joint Retirement of Couples: Evidence from Two Natural Experiments.
3rd August 2017 Dr. Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho
from University of New South Wales
Skill Premium Divergence: The Roles of Trade, Capital and Demographics
Monday 17th July, 2017
ECON - MUCHE Seminar
Professor Richard Freeman From Harvard University Is China propping-up half the scientific and technological sky? Assessing China's increasing scientific papers and patents

Venue: Room 101, MGSM, 99 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park. 
22nd June 2017
Dr. Mengxi Zhang
University of Technology Sydney
To Lie or Not to Lie: Survey Mode Effects on the Validity of Self-Reported Substance Use Data
15th June 2017 Dr Tess Stafford
University of New South Wales
Returns to Experience and the Elasticity of Labor Supply
(Co-author: Scott French)
8th June 2017 Professor Richard Holden From University of New South Wales Network Capital
(with Robert Akerlof, University of Warwick)
1st June 2017 Dr Paul Burke From Australian National University Fuel Price Cycles and Australian Road Safety
25th May 2017 Professor Satya Paul 
Adjunct Professor, Amrita Centre for Economics and Governance, Amrita University, Kerala, India

Formerly Professor and Head of School of Economics, University of the South Pacific, Suva
Does Happiness Reduce Income Inequality?
11th May 2017 Dr. Aarti Singh  University of Sydney  Nominal GDP Targeting with Heterogeneous Labor Supply
4th May 2017 Professor Efrem Castelnuovo from University of Melbourne

To be rescheduled
Uncertainty-dependent Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks: A New Keynesian Interpretation
(with Giovanni Pellegrino, Melbourne Institute)
27th April 2017 Dr. Rachida Ouysse
University of New South Wales
Constrained principal components estimation of large approximate factor models
20th April 2017 Professor Flavio M. Menezes 
University of Queensland

Emissions abatement R&D Dynamic Competition in Supply Schedules

13th April 2017
Prof Andrew Jones
University of York, UK
Inequality of Opportunity in Health: A Decomposition-based Approach

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Seminar Room, Dunmore Lang College 
Address: 130 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
6th April 2017 Associate Professor Andrew Wait from University of Sydney  Trust and the Delegation of Real Authority
30th March 2017 Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez University of Sydney Wheeling into School and out of Crime: Evidence from Linking Driving Licenses to Minimum Academic Requirements
23rd March 2017 Assoc Prof Stefanie Schurer University of Sydney Early Life Health Interventions and Childhood Development: Evidence from Special Care Nursery Assignment in Australia’s Northern Territory
16th March 2017 Professor Susan Thorp from University of Sydney Income-indemnity Long-term Care Insurance: Selection, Informal Care, and Precautionary Savings
13th February 2017 Professor Michel Beine from University of Luxembourg The Economics of Foreign Education and Students' Migration
9th February 2017 Professor Michel Beine from University of Luxembourg The Role of Fees in Foreign Education: Evidence from Italy and the UK
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