The Law School Campaign

The Law School Campaign

A major redevelopment of our University campus will provide the Law School with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to accelerate decades of excellence in education and scholarly research for even greater impact on the complexities of law and society.

The Macquarie Law School campaign will raise funds to enable the University to increase its work with the wider community and educate a new generation of graduates with highly capable legal minds, well prepared with the adaptive skills to help society adjust to the upheaval caused by rapid social, economic and environmental change.

About us

Since it was established in 1972, Macquarie Law School has had a strong focus on engagement with the wider community.

Originally located in Parramatta, Macquarie Legal Centre – a community legal centre for low-income earners – was founded in 1978 by academics, students and lawyers.

Today, our faculty helps governments and NGOs address pressing issues experienced across the world that require a robust and fair legal framework.

Our work is informed and enhanced by a growing network of external partners, such as our trilateral partnership with Hamburg and Fudan universities, and our research collaboration with the University of the South Pacific.

Macquarie’s legal expertise ranges from exploring the need for regulation in the use of facial recognition in social media to assessing the efficacy of the human rights laws introduced by some of Australia’s states.

The issues we face as a society will become more complex, and the need for justice and the rule of law will become even more pressing. We are poised to contribute to society through a major investment in our Law School. Three key themes have been identified:

  • Communication
  • Social Justice
  • Societal transformation

These themes are highly interdisciplinary, enriched through close collaboration with internal partners across our faculties of Arts, Business and Economics, Human Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Science and Engineering.

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