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Professor Marc De Vos

Location: 6 First Walk, Room 526
Phone: (+61 2) 9850 9931
Email: marc.devos@mq.edu.au

Professor Marc De Vos, Dean  at the Macquarie University Law School, holds a Licentiate and Doctorate in Law (University of Ghent, 1993 and 2000), a Master in Social Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles,1994), and a Master of Laws (Harvard University, 2000). His main areas of legal specialization, in which he has also practiced extensively, include employment and labour law (social law), EU institutional and constitutional law, fundamental rights, and the rule of law. He is also widely read in economics, sociology, and political science. About these and related topics he has authored and co-authored over twenty books and over one hundred scientific articles. He frequently publishes, teaches, lectures and debates on issues of labour and employment law, European integration, globalisation,labour market reform, the welfare state, and inequality, both nationally and internationally, in academic, professional and policy circles, as well as in the media.

Over a period of more than twenty years, professor De Vos has held senior leadership responsibilities in commercial legal practice, in academia and in the think-tank world. He is a member of Belgium’s High Council for Employment, of the Board of Trustees of the European Law Academy (ERA), of the Scientific Committee of ADAPT, and of various academic boards and expert committees. The recipient of several academic and educational awards, he has served as a visiting professor at universities in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. He has held advisory positions in various public and private organizations. He joined Macquarie in October 2018.

Academic Staff

Name and Contact DetailsResearch Interests
Carolyn ADAMS

Public law and government; Open government; Access to information; Privacy; Secrecy; International Human Rights Law; National human rights institutions; Bills of rights

Professor Shawkat ALAMPublic international law, international environmental law, international trade and environment nexus, WTO and sustainable development, international human rights law, regional trade and investment agreements and the environment, globalisation and sustainable development, law and development, governance and public policy, environmental governance, sustainable forest management
  • Position: Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 509
  • Phone: (02) 9850 6928
  • Email: roy.baker@mq.edu.au
Defamation; Media Law; Journalism and the Law; Human Rights; Free Speech; Censorship; International Law; European Law; Law of Armed Conflict

Competition law; Antitrust Law; International Trade Law; EU law.

  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 522
  • Phone: (02) 9850 7810
  • Email: amy.barrow@mq.edu.au

International law on Women, Peace and Security; Gender, Violence and Law in Societies in transition; Equality laws and policies; International Human Rights Law and Policy; Law and Society in Hong Kong; Qualitative Research

  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 507
  • Phone: (02) 9850 4237
  • Email: lise.barry@mq.edu.au

Ageing and the Law; Capacity; Substitute Decision Making; Legal Ethics; Juvenile Justice

Dr Carlos L. BERNAL-PULIDOConstitutional Comparative Law; Jurisprudence; Torts
Dr Andrew BURKE
  • Position: Associate Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 622
  • Phone: (02) 9850 7090
  • Email: andrew.burke@mq.edu.au
Environmental and Criminal Law fields, with a focus upon their intersection: Environmental Crime
Dr Frank CARRIGANCorporate Law; Labour Law
Dr Shireen DAFT

International humanitarian law; International human rights law; Children and armed conflict; Non-state actors and international law; Domestic, international and transnational criminal justice; Peace, international security and international law; Fragmentation of international law

Dr Kirsten DAVIESEnvironmental Law and Policy; Customary Law; Human Rights and Climate Change; and Community Engagement
Dr Holly DOEL-MACKAWAYChildren's Rights; Children's Law; International Human Rights Law; Gender Studies; Indigenous Studies; Administrative Law; Constitutional Law and Research Ethics.
Dr Francesca DOMINELLO

Indigenous legal issues, family law and policy, human rights law, civil remedies, administrative and constitutional law, theories of justice and jurisprudence

Dr Daniel GHEZELBASHDomestic, International, Regional and Comparative Refugee Law; Domestic and Comparative Immigration Law; Administrative Law; Comparative Law; Legal Transfers/Transplants; International Human Rights Law

Governance and regulation of bodies, sexuality and reproductive practices; regulation of sexual violence, gay sex, pornography, abortion and sex work, especially child sexual abuse. Gender and law; Gender and politics. Institutionalized violence. Australian and Irish political and legal history.

Dr Doron GOLDBARSHTDomestic, international, regional and comparative anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations; domestic compliance with international organisations’ binding and non-binding norms; and administrative and global administrative law.
Paul GOVINDClimate Change Law; Human Rights and the Environment; Environmental Finance and Disaster Risk Management through Environmental Law and Policy, with a particular focus on the relationship between Environmental Sustainability, Development and the Reduction of Poverty

Dr Hannah Harris

Transnational law, corporate compliance, financial crime, corruption, bribery, comparative law, transnational policing, socio-legal research, experimentalism & regulatory theory
Professor Muhammad Rafiqul ISLAMInternational Trade Law; Law of the World Trade Organization (WTO); International Economic Law; International Law of Foreign Investment; Law of International Economic Institutions; International Commercial Law; International Commercial Arbitration; Public International Law; International Human Rights Law; Law of International Organizations
Dr Henry KHA
  • Position: Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 523
  • Phone: (02) 9850 7060
  • Email: henry.kha@mq.edu.au

Family law; private law; legal history; law and literature.

Succession Law; Tort Law; Remedies; Jurisprudence; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Commercial Arbitration; Legal Ethics; Corporate Social Responsibility; Corporations Law; Gender Equity; Legal Education

Professor Therese MACDERMOTT
Labour Law; Labour Mobility; Anti-Discrimination Law; Dispute Resolution; Gender Equality and Human Rights; Workplace Gender Equality
Dr Rita Matulionyte
Intellectual property and information technology law, law related to creative industries and cultural policy.
Professor Denise MEYERSONTheoretical and Comparative Human Rights; Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutionalism; Jurisprudence
Professor Vijaya NAGARAJAN

Regulation; Corporate Governance; Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility; Competition Law and Policy; Legal Spatialities; Gender Equality


Australian federal constitutional law; Comparative constitutional law (theory and method); American constitutional law

  • Position: Associate Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 518
  • Phone: (02) 9850 7906
  • Email: debra.ronan@mq.edu.au
Conveyancing Law
Associate Professor Niloufer SELVADURAITelecommunications Law, Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law and E-commerce Law
  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 440
  • Phone: (02) 9850 8826
  • Email: sarah.sorial@mq.edu.au
Philosophy and law, specifically, philosophical concepts and how it can be utilised to address various and persistent legal dilemmas, including dilemmas about the limits of speech, the importance of democratic deliberation, the place of rights in liberal democracies, and the place of emotions in law.
  • Position: Associate Lecturer
  • Location: 6 First Walk, Room 539
  • Phone: (02) 9850 8841
  • Email: teresa.somes@mq.edu.au
Equity and Trusts, Property Law, Remedies, Elder Law, Vulnerable People and the Law.
George F. TOMOSSYHealth Law and Bioethics; Research Ethics and Regulation; Globalisation and Public Health; Elder Law; Tort Law; Legal Governance; Capacity Building in Developing Countries; Health, Human Rights and the Environment
Ilija VICKOVICHEvidence; Civil and Criminal Procedure; Contract Law and Theory; Law of Work; Labour Law; Commercial Law; Consumer Law; Competition Law; Corporations Law; Equity and Trusts; Dispute Resolution; Legal History; Law of Church and State; Law and Society; Legal Education; Legal Publishing
Professor Malcolm VOYCEProperty Law and Succession concerning the privatisation of public property; Geographical Indications; Intellectual Property Rights; Social Welfare; Family Farm Inheritance; Law and Religion, particularly relating to Buddhism and Islam
Dr Sonya WILLISCivil Procedure, with a particular focus on Case Management; Evidence

Professional Staff

 Ms Debbie Loo
Title: Department Administrator
Location: 6 First Walk, Room 533
Phone: (02) 9850 4218
Email: debbie.loo@mq.edu.au
 Ms Eleanor McGhee
Title: Department Administrator
and Executive Assistant to the Dean
Location: 6 First Walk, Room 530
Phone: (02) 9850 7096
Email: eleanor.mcghee@mq.edu.au
 Ms Chindy Praseuthsouk
Title: Department Administrator
Location: 6 First Walk, Room 531
Phone: (02) 9850 7098
Email: chindy.praseuthsouk@mq.edu.au

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