Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology


The Department of Sociology explores our increasingly dynamic social world, in which divisions of race, wealth, gender, religion and politics, along with connections of love, power and exchange, shape human relationships and institutions. Inequality, innovation, conflict and change prompt reflection, informed by distinctively sociological ways of thinking.

Diverse course offerings

In the fast-changing contemporary world, it is vital that we learn to think carefully about what our society is doing and where it is going. With this in mind, Sociology at Macquarie provides students with knowledge that is academically sound, socially useful and vocationally relevant. The Department of Sociology offers a diverse range of degrees, courses and research areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our aim is to provide students and the wider public with well-informed, practical understandings of the institutions, organisations and everyday experiences of individuals in diverse social situations.

The courses on offer follow the department’s tradition of critical sociology that embraces a range of empirical and theoretical approaches. In addition to the major in Sociology, the Department also convenes innovative, interdisciplinary programs in Political Economy and Social Policy and Gender Studies.

International affiliations and partners

The department’s programs of study and our research are backed by our strong ties with international partners, including: Frankfurt University, Hamburg University, the University of Graz, the National University of Singapore, the University of Berlin, the University of Auckland and Stockholm University.

Department members also have strong links to external stakeholders locally. For instance, Senior Lecturer, Dr Ben Spies-Butcher is a:

  • Board member of Shelter NSW
  • Member of the Policy Advisory Group, COTA NSW
  • Collaborator with the Australia Institute

Through our local and international partnerships, we are able to offer a rich range of learning experiences, in student placements for undergraduates and masters coursework students, and in international co-tutelle higher degree research arrangements.

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