New 2018 ARC Future Fellow Joanne Faulkner

New 2018 ARC Future Fellow Joanne Faulkner

Dr Joanne Faulkner is the new ARC Future Fellow at MMCCS. She is an Australian writer, philosopher and formerly lecturer in Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies at the University of New South Wales. She is known for her research on the ontology of childhood, Nietzsche's thought, and the ethics of innocence.

Here is some info about her fascinating project:

The figure of the Aboriginal child has become a focal point for anxiety about the relation between coloniser and colonised, and moreover, a site of sympathetic identification, through which non-Indigenous Australians explore their connection, as Australian, to the first peoples that colonisation displaced. The project examines the specific character and implications of this regard for ‘the child’ as a site of mediation, through which feelings of ambivalence or discomfort about colonisation are negotiated. Through analysis of childhood's representation as a site of mediation and intervention in Australian literature, film, and other media, a more critical understanding ofthe appeal of strategies of child removal for white Australians will be gained.By highlighting the contingent nature of these conceptions of childhood, and bringing them into dialogue with the place of children in Aboriginal cultures,the project will strengthen and deepen existing critiques of the policies of removal that continue to operate in Australia today.

We are very excited to have her with us ... welcome Jo to MMCCS!

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